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  1. Cologne Styles was updated today with 37 new flicks. Check it for some germany styles =)
  2. Acid_Cologne

    free vids?

    try www.colognestyles.com and www.coolcologne.com for some vids from here
  3. Hmm dont know i dont have so many yards here.. more like 4, but 2 of them are relatively far away
  4. http://www.colognestyles.com Updates with Bombs,Trains,Tags,Throw-Ups,Street Art and more also check out the update before that for some trams from my city! http://www.colognestyles.com
  5. I added a Rome Special. Mainly Subways. www.colognestyles.com
  6. 20 new Walls from Cologne/Germany at http://www.colognestyles.com
  7. Get Jet Set Radio, there you are a writer. The game is really cool (but very unrealistic)
  8. I wonder why spanish people write german sentences in their pieces... who cares... Wollt ihr den totalen Krieg?
  9. you can see these stuff rolling like every weekend here and i believe its the same in every bigger euro city. But that really makes fun anyone should try it :)
  10. When they come to your house and find Caps or Cans just say you write legal. At first they have to prove that you write illegal. Of course that only works when you don't have hundrets of sketches and photos of your illegal works lying around. I keep such things all in a safety place.
  11. I know several german graff songs but i doubt too many people are interested in them :D
  12. http://www.colognestyles.com/photous/v3-001-033-2/ko.jpg'> German Site, updated yesterday with 19 trains and later today there will be 72 new chrome walls. www.colognestyles.com
  13. about that guy with the bag... don't you see that thing on the wall? Thats Space Invader!
  14. here is a chary by him http://www.colognestyles.com/12oz/charakturd.jpg'>
  15. He is not gay but lakcs skill :king:
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