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  1. there's a bigger lords crew thread.."legends of rare design" do a search I'm too lazy
  2. Didnt get the email Joker..PM sent with good addy.
  3. Funny thing joker, is that you have a little piece from 96 in that same blackbook..
  4. sarifs&clips is zone's muse.... I put that on...
  5. Word...That design was by Pres1 same cat who did the B-boy in the above flick...That shirts been out of print for over 6 years....good lookin.
  6. Pres1(background Charachter) and Zone (letters)
  7. is anyone else so hungover that they thought that second last one was a train? props for the icy grape production theme Quoted post [/b] Funny you should say that. Back in the early to mid 80's there were 3 "yards" of houses that were boarded up and up on trailors and or jacks in our city. They were the closest thing we had to trains back then. Those houses got rocked on the regular.
  8. Hell yea i'm serious..I been knowin that cat was a crackhead since 87 (anyone who thinks otherwise was foolin themseves) thats what makes him so fuckin funny. The reason Public Enemy was great was because of the contrast between these two cats...Chuck-D the "serious revolutionary black power cat" and flave the "clown". By the way did I miss something? I didnt know that chuck had passed on (rolling in his grave?).. was wondering why we havent heard from him in a while..Meanwhile Flave is on his 3rd reality show and clockin much dollars.. Sarifs/Picking my teeth with toombston
  9. Dont hate on my man Flava Flave...... You know what time it is....
  10. sake, zone, daze, crush at LA's belmont tunnel 1990...
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