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ef one

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  1. bump. Wonk.....i talked to that store. you got my screename so just hit me up and ill tell you
  2. Re: Hurt Units yea. was talken to him today. hes from my part. drype... got a question
  3. anyone read the article on the temple? front page prov sunday journal
  4. that dephect is bangnnnnn...... props that kuhr too
  5. ^X^ nice fliks greedy, hit me up
  6. word... bump for alll these fliks. thanks for the stuff craf, it was a good night
  7. Re: yo ask me what??????????
  8. cleann craf........ someones puttin in work
  9. ef one

    heres one

    whats with with mask
  10. true, that shit is hott. crunka hit me up dood
  11. ef one


    Re: get a life hah, to much dick riden
  12. nice work naked. Anyone think the F's are hurtin?
  13. thats niceee..... i gotta go to court first to see what i got, but after i find out i'll holla at ya, easy
  14. ef one


    r.i.p his shit was dope. i was watching some of it on the mighty 4
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