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  1. rhettdec


    the emo art fag rydas
  2. cool i think that song totally rocks. skater boi punk dude i love you. im copin that shit nigga!
  3. bitch hurry up and get here mutherfucer. stpatties day is here why aint you in town. bitch my addrenalien is going right now just thinking about it. i cant fuckin wait tell your on the ground and i just keep going. beating the fuckin shit out of you.
  4. ha ha bitch! when are you gonna come kick my ass?
  5. mrmang i kind of like that one.....
  6. get out of here with your same old bullshit. you know no white person thinks they were raised in the streets of harlem unless they were. just get over it. white people are going to like hiphop, thats the way it is. just because a hiphop white person doesnt pay any attention to the things you think are so cool doesnt give you the right to start whinning like a little girl. what are you so concerned with other people for anyway? are you not getting the attention you desire? bla bla bla.......
  7. its all about ones inner being :cool:
  8. remember my my cherry pie, once they stopped makin hits like that it was all down hill....
  9. winger, guns and roses, bon jovi, nelson. till i fucin die bro.
  10. rhettdec

    phase 2

    hey all i did was make alittle joke about punkrock writers and everybody started bitching like little girls. i didnt do anything different from what anyone else does on here except for change the subject being joked on.
  11. rhettdec

    phase 2

    bitch i banged your mom in the ass and she had you
  12. rhettdec

    phase 2

    what you got up mr t?
  13. rhettdec

    phase 2

    right on dork breath
  14. rhettdec

    phase 2

    first i never said i was going to shoot anyone i was making a quote what exactly cap meant by boom boom boom who knows, i doubt he was planning on shooting anyone. second you can suck my cracker dick. and you think you look smart to me sticking up for the same people that turn the way your talking right now into a joke, one place being this 12oz prophet site?
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