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  1. where is that shai hulud madball h20 show?
  2. the show at cb's sunday night was good first show i been too in months since i started my new job but they had the heat on and it fucking stank in there
  3. 655321


    dexa never puts his handstyle in books its just as fresh as his fill
  4. the_gooch i give celf a red X for everything! fuckin juice head lololollolollolololololol,,,big up celf abk
  5. 655321


    mq,skid,ezac,dam1,,,and sf1 some people may not think it looks like a Q but i bet there will be many jockers of it for years to come...just me,,,,go ragmen go
  6. celf a.k.a i really need some hair oner
  7. ARCEL i know its the last thing you would think of or want but it would get you right
  8. cops would not be looking for dama hes a legal writer for a long time now so i really dont think po-nig would come on 12oz and start a theard about him
  9. i used too be 256 pounds but i got sick of that shit started eating right,running and hitting weights here and there(now all the time)and after a year im down to 181,now if i could stop drinking i would be good
  10. after a long night of drinking and you feel like shit the next day drink a beer and it all goes away
  11. after years of putting it off i got my license a few months ago i should have done it sooner
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