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  1. remote


    colt45 is the poop! dunno if its been stated already or not but there is an article with colt45 in a beautiful decay magazine. www.beautifuldecay.com
  2. i've been away from this board for a bit, the graffiti scene as well. tolse is no longer? damn, that's some shit. being from the valley, i remember tolse as one of the biggest ever!
  3. wild bunch as in WB? i still see them up. they have a few heads lingering.
  4. i've always been a fan of simplicity. nice.
  5. does that mean they went to my high school too? CHB sounds awfully familiar, but cant remember any of the names.
  6. locs on dope! yeah, i remember LOD!!
  7. i think it was me and dzam and ohgie one night. we didnt even get started painting when we heard BANG BANG BANG coming from the other side of the trains. someone ran to the other side to look... NOTHING there. spooooky. we said fuck it, and left. send me pics when you find them! thanks
  8. hahaa, oh man, i'm almost afraid to see it :) you have my email though, send it over!! thanks!
  9. i also read in all these other threads about train yards in different parts of the countries being "legal" spots, like the authorities dont care. what was everyones take on the budweiser yard and woodman. i never got sweated at either of those places. but i was constantly aware of the surroundings we would never let our guard down so far that we would just do whatever we wanted. maybe its becuase they are both in the middle of a big city? oh yeah, by the way. the woodman yard DEFINATELY is haunted. maybe its not by sk8, but there is some freaky shit going on in that yard at night!
  10. how about TIK. now that there was some hardcore west valley sheeit. betta reckanize! HAHA also KKC with Super. i remember jose and look. they were the first graffiti that i actually remember recognizing. they got up all over. of course there was Unit. i bet that guy still has some landmarks up. OLS shit. those guys were mad stoners. i remember hanging out with them a few times at parties, and up at the top of desoto blvd. mexicans causing panic, yeap. sheesh. one fun story was actually at motor yard. it was me and dzam and brail and elmoe, some guys came up to us like they were going to jack us, but then they recognized brail. i forget who it was, but it was someone big in the scene back then. they stuck around while we finished our stuff, even showing us the gun, (and firing it) that they were going to use to scare the fuck out of us. which i might add, would have! fuck yeah, STP with that crazy crazy Tolse. was Oil COI from the valley? i actually spotted a few of his recent tags up on the 101 in hollywood. i always liked his tag. that state of the valley is pretty bleake now. ventura blvd is all clean. man, i remember ventura blvd being the showcase for tagging back then. rooftops galore. i want to start up ventura bombing again. i am a bit old now though. HOU forever!!! headin on up. man, me and dzam must have made up a bunch of little crews. and cant forget B5K, my buddy Ohgie! what was Tense's crew... DYP, thats it. that guy was up alot for a while. IP haha, i was in that for about 5 minutes. i still see a Dole tag up here and there. C4A... simi valley doesnt count man! hahaha they only place i remember seeing them up was along the 118, but never past tampa. and they loved that big white wall just north of the 118 at tampa. great fuckin times, and great memories! i wish i were still a kid. i'd be KILLING shit right now!
  11. yeah, and some other big west l.a. tagger crew. i just threw gusto in there becuase that guy DESTROYED ventura blvd for a good years time. ICR!!! that's the crew he was also in.
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