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  1. i had a fucked up dream last night:mad:
  2. he wants mine to but he aint gettin it:p
  3. esok_one


    ...shut the fuck up,i was letten em know i know i dropped a little to much info prolly and it wont happen again,geesh. fuckin anal bastards these days..
  4. esok_one


    hey hammerfall,im not saying he did im just saying what i HEARD,sorry tonic waters ill remember that..and tonic water ill remember that,i wont be postin sumthing that dumb again sorry..
  5. i like some hydro,purple kush is nice....to be honest the best weed ive ever had,i dont even know waht its called,ill jsut say this my freinds dad is a hippy..:D
  6. hey hore email me,we met a while back. graf_head187@hotmail.com
  7. ...its slopy..the 3-d is off,but fuck it ill post it anyway. http://www.freephoto-i.net/browse.php3?use...file=chris2.jpg ive been writing for exactly one year.
  8. i have court next month actaully,i was snagged a while back in the act by security.:(
  9. metroe....wouldnt this be the aom from XXXXXXXXX???nice post by the way.:D no, this would be the metro from dont ask questions. -seeking
  10. esok_one


    requeim for a dream is great,jay and silent bob strike back,the royal taunnenbaums. a clockwork orange. id go with one of these.
  11. its all about the electric coolaid:D
  12. esok_one

    pet peeves

    i have a lot of them,school,the people in school,the teachers,people who always try to act like theyre on acid,stoners who make sure everyone knows they smoke weed( you know those guys who walk around and are like man i got so fucking high all i do is smoke weed we got so fucking high),umpaloompa's..........small children,especialy babies...and my little brother.
  13. esok_one


    hey oohtoo email me graf_head187@hotmail.com hit me up some time
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