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Everything posted by 502kid

  1. Im liking the jesse... the ewok is dope to but what else is new!!!
  2. shit i love this guys style not to mention seeing those dope ass flics of old nyc trains.:dazed:
  3. god damn i luv zeph's stuff
  4. nice post... i like the spek rip and the ivory
  5. ya that last one is deffenetly dope as hell
  6. Lovin the throw... nice post
  7. 502kid


    HOLY SHIT... enough said!!
  8. coup... killin shit like always... nicely done
  9. i like the first one... props to rear asp
  10. props to louisville
  11. freshnessssssssssssss!!!!!!!
  12. cope is the man... can we get some new stuff of his though. thanks
  13. 502kid


    bad ass ass kicken... i was jus in cincy today and i saw some good stuff
  14. props to coup... but i thought he was done for a while
  15. rip... dondi was a true king good post but long over do
  16. rip spek, his part in the cope II video was dope evryone should watch that video in memory of him. Much respect goes out to spek. RIP
  17. hey is this the same clue from louisville ky if so hahahaha
  18. props to the louisville sceen and to ASP and the OPM guys
  19. Hey you can order a book of train outlines from www.deadinthedirt.com. It is called rail fan, its a cool book!
  20. 502kid


    jesus[louisville] , ban2, zephyr, pjay, tkid, seen, cap,
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