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Everything posted by 502kid

  1. dopeness i like his style!!!
  2. yo very dope post!!! enough said
  3. the reason i got into graf much love to zeph :king:
  4. no, for real, i'm totaly a gay fag toy fucker. Louisville has no talent, just a bunch of wanabee redneck white kids with nothing to do. i'm a little cheesedick bastard. i'm going to quit writing because i realized i'm a gay fag, and i dont deserve to paint. goodbye -jcub/aka cons
  5. nice i like i like NICE face
  6. yaa skeme is def a legend!!!!! :king:
  7. maseo's bombs are the shit!!!!!!!! i like them
  8. i usually dont like cali graf but these bombs take the cake i like it alot :)
  9. i like his track side bombs :)
  10. nice post i like the first 2 the best
  11. 502kid


    i love that stuff props!!!
  12. this is some deffinently ill graff!!!!! nice post
  13. i like that bayer alot but they are all nice... good post!!
  14. 502kid

    jersey 02!

    i love jersey especially the highways :)
  15. i love sabes face... deffinently fresh :idea:
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