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  1. 502kid

    one liners

    http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00269001f00000017.jpg'> jipt... sorry for the shitty scan job!!!
  2. 502kid

    INDY 500

    yo kam and drat are ill... they get up and are cool as hell...good post bundy!!!
  3. 502kid

    the NASHVILLE thread (graffiti and such.....)

    yo... that show is hot i like that stuff!!! good post
  4. 502kid


    yo dope post... do you know if the forth piece on the first wall is aktr from louisville?? just curious it looks like it is
  5. 502kid

    real fliks this time....

    yo that coup stuff is fresh he has alot of frieghts that ive been catching around... hes dope keep killing shit man!!!
  6. 502kid

    a few san anto illegals...

    the yeah is dope... i like that post alot
  7. 502kid

    SMOLE thread

    yo thats some dope stuff... i love that style he really has some nice bombs!!!
  8. 502kid


    cope= ill times 3!!!
  9. 502kid

    Boston Park Jam, August 2002

    dope i love boston!!!!!!
  10. 502kid

    Urban mapping?

    thats hot!!! nice post
  11. 502kid


    ja is a king!!! seriously his bombs are straight illan yo... good post!!!
  12. 502kid

    .SEATTLE.WASHINGTON.1995-1999 (50+ images)

    jabs is dope!!!!!!
  13. 502kid

    INDY 500

    Re: Finally a place to get caps in Indy fuck you guys!!!! haha just kidding thats weak though mothership is really cool, it just left louisville and now i have no place to get caps... i guess its new location is indie.
  14. 502kid

    chicago classics

    http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00269001f00000015.jpg'> this thread is good but wouldn't be complete with out dj funk a true classic out of the southside of chicago!!!
  15. 502kid

    INDY 500

    yeah really nice flicks i drove threw indy this past weekend but only got to see a couple of things off 4-65, but o well good stuff!!!