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  1. christ i cant believe the smallvile thread got more replies than this
  2. edit: ok im sorry i wasnt very clear to begin with. i was reading time magazine and came across an article about an artist named matthew barney. hes famous for a series of films labeled CREMASTER ( this is the muscle that moves your balls according to the temperature). ive seen various pictures and story lines from the film and it looks pretty wild. the guy is having a show at the Guggenheim soon for all you nyc kids.bjork is also this guys baby's mama so if anyone knows about where i could find these films the help would be greatly appreciated. and puberty ruled because it taught me to jerk off. http://www.moviemaker.com/issues/48/images/post.cremaster.jpg'> http://www.guggenheimcollection.org/images/lists/work/11A_3_md.jpg'>
  3. nothing to contribute just trying to gain some knowledge i think i have the lowest number of posts after being registered for this long
  4. mc escher blows minds skaterboi is a fag ass name you should be shot for that
  5. theblindpoet


    i recently aquired a new aluminum gt zaskar. im not really into mountian biking so what are some modifications i can do to make it lighter/better for street riding. im already buying some slicks but i dunno what else i can do/http://www.gt.dk/gt/images/zaskar_pro.jpg'>
  6. portishead makes panties drop word
  7. i have friends that go there. admissions is basic art school shit. portfolio with your work (they like shit from life) probly an essay and your transcripts and tests. judging from the kids i know that go there the quality of work is pretty low. mica is supposed to have a good freshman year though.
  8. is that the track from the royal tenenbaums when that guy is cutting his wrists?
  9. could you post the link to that article
  10. you have raised self esteem because 50 kids youve never met think that youre hot shit?
  11. buckethead is the man. he was in the wave twisters video
  12. i got the same thing. nothing like me except for the first part but what can i say that shape was dope.
  13. wait untill late at night when the bar on the pool deck opens and use a butterknife to jimmy open the door. free alchohal.
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