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  1. i thought this was about christie brinkley for a second. i was very wrong
  2. i closed like 4 threads. not exactly a spree
  3. the unicorn is here, unfinished. i'll kick her in the butt so she finishes it. i haven't seen obsessed, but i'll definitely check it out. i do like candy. especially that which has been taken from a baby. i will send you my address on the facebooks
  4. exactly. this thread is full of hipsters. this messageboard is full of hipsters. quit living in denial you fuckwads
  5. rappers are not scary. they're actors. they're pretending to be hard
  6. i would say see an la style police chase in person, but you probably won't have to go out of your way to see one. they happen all the time
  7. one of the few things i can drink and not have a hangover the next day
  8. way to fail at life. the original 3 are epic (before george lucas starting fucking with them), but the prequels are all ass
  9. exactly. take the hint. the thread was closed. move on with your life
  10. it's terrorists obviously. they hate your freedom you know.
  11. in-n-out burger melrose ave in west hollywood if you're into shopping for trendy shit mexican food
  12. sweden and denmark are good times. nice thread
  13. i locked it this is 12oz, not 4chan it's not serious it's the internet
  14. first dilla now this guy. i know slum village sucked, but i didn't realise it was actually fatal
  15. his H looks like it's dancing like MJ
  16. i don't think he's allowed to come back to the us
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