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  1. i have a friend that was there recently (like in the last week) but i think he's moved on by now
  2. it's not really a case of wanting certain things advertised. we're dealing with ad agencies, not individual companies. it's up to the advertisers to decide whether they can sell their product to us.
  3. 50 grand on an rv would leave you at least 30 grand in debt haha
  4. you better believe people were saying this sorta shit when he got elected
  5. i thought you left to go be a grown up or something?
  6. you made a thread about leaving (like anybody gives a shit) then posted in it 9 times. that's not leaving. i can help you leave if you keep bothering me
  7. heineken is average beer. not worth the mark-up
  8. these retards managed to screw her out of her royalites, but put a clause in there that they'd pay for her education for life? morons
  9. basically everywhere in california (except san francisco) the bus is only for poor people. for a long time i was using the bus to get around and people i work with were freaked out. they're scared shitless to ride the bus cos it's full of scary brown people
  10. maintenance douches with leaf blowers once or twice a week same as any other park. shitty thing is, being that it's LA, the helmet patrols will be retarded and it'll be buzzkill central
  11. dude, how do you have negative rep? ps, i'm thinking of doing a quick little roadtrip down to la next month for the weekend at some stage, i think i still have your didgits
  12. skate south on vine to melrose? that's all i got
  13. Abracadabra


    watched it on mute. amazing
  14. i think the smart thing to do would be to not go on a website dedicated to a criminal activity while you're at work. you may as well write "i'm a bad employee, fire me" across your forehead, and then take a shit in your boss's lunch
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