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  1. I don't know about boxcars, but there are gondolas still out there from the 1950s.
  2. WHAT WOULD YOU DO FOR A KLONDIKE BAR? Aeaaaaaeeaaeaaea! Woooulllddd Youuu Kiieelll Your first boorn?
  3. pullatrigger

    Dust Taggin'

    Whatever, tag wet pavement. It's a real treat when I find it.
  4. I always get bit by spiders, but i live in Pennsylvania. There's only like 2 poisonous spiders that live here.
  5. pullatrigger


    Tetris and Pac-Man. Two great games.
  6. The bad thing about being a hobo is that freights don't have any plumbing, toilets, or water. That can get nasty.
  7. Green pepper and onion. Also shrimp and steak.
  8. This thread sucks. Destroy it.
  9. Yo, Vans. Where in Pittsburgh you live?
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