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  1. aztek lions and celf the spelling class failure...all fire
  2. yo ocelot i wasn't saying enron is slept on i was pointing out that it's a joke that anyone would consider him anything...christ i feel terrible even saying the name. excuse me while i got kill myself.
  3. you gotta be kidding with the enron comment.
  4. navy "chilling at the bar none" 8 and rubix "the suede superhero"
  5. way to rock it mr. aztek. we were lookin for you last night doggy.
  6. atak aztek lions navy ....and my man MONEY!!!! see you at the bing.


    if that was a portrait of navy, the flames would be coming out of another hole....(strange witches brew)
  8. a sodering iron....that's the funniest shit i've heard all day... CHRISTOPHER WALKEN KING OF NEW YORK.
  9. that's a hot duke....i think that girl in the sponge bob outfit was waitressing at waffle house last weekend in cincy
  10. i just flicked the one on 36th and 5th, it's pretty destroyed, but the shit is almost in the middle of the street....graffiti from mars.
  11. that little fucking ferret is CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!
  12. God owes him ten bucks, from this crazy weekend in Milawaukee.
  13. you really gotta change that name buddy, shit is hurt
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