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  1. aret

    Most uv it

    wonderful. love it
  2. aret

    Graff Girls

    where is that benone piece with simo?
  3. aret

    >>>>>GES 3A<<<<<

    wow that ges freight is tight
  4. aret

    fx crew

    ehh that was kindas stupid of Ces to go over that but whatever. fx is amazing:D
  5. wooooh awesome post. Stick Up Kids are probably "one" of the best crews out there. The Daim and Cider things were mind boggling. WOW :king:
  6. nice nice. the green one is awesome. nice post
  7. alright some of the points u made were so damn ignorant. You sound like a gr.2 with half a brain. Just cause of the styles coming out are more original, creative or more interesting to see doesn't mean they suck. in fact the worst shit is the normal graff that u see everywhere. Stick with orignal styles and stay away from the the normal. Just my opinion. I have nothing against normal gaffiti though but original stuff is always more interesting to look at . peace
  8. i'm not sure what SAL stands for bu they are from vancouver and they are HELLA sick. dammnn striaght could be Sucking Anus's Last, So Amazingly Loose. i dunno man. you find out for your self :king:
  9. aret

    first timer oner

    the swif thing isn't bad for your first time.
  10. Q: How do you know when it's time to wash dishes and clean the house? A: Look inside your pants; if you have a penis, it's not time. BHA HAHAHAH. ehh my goodness
  11. How did the Puerto Rican woman know that her daughter was having her period? She could taste the blood on her son's penis.
  12. yeah beth thats right. its me bitch
  13. What do you get when you cross an elephant with a poodle? A dead poodle with an 18 inch asshole. ohhhh yeah
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