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  1. dare and kesy..man those are awsome...u more of theres???
  2. i decided to bump this back up since i love tha poesia and tha natural .....you got anymore of theres?
  3. i love tha ges one..it looks like its not even on tha fr8
  4. oh ok...thanx..yea i love prismas....
  5. wat u use to color that cinnamin..its dope
  6. i ove that character ivo...its just so ugly and distorted....its looks so cool cause its tha ugliest thing ive ever seen
  7. i meant to say this before...but now im sayin it...you kno tha first one on here..you kno tha character...nice work....i do paintings like those and drawings too..i was planin on developin a style like tha way i do drawin..its nice too kno that someone esle in tha world does hsyt like that...and it sux to kno that someone else posted that style of shyt before i did...but oh well...ill show you wat i mean soon...im workin on one right now...its a dude with a skully on his head over his eyes and a mouth with blood dripin from its teeth..i cant wait to show you..my drawings are alot better than my graffiti sketches ill tell you that...ok peace
  8. thats tha best sketches ive ever seen....itll be along long time til i get any where close ta being that good
  9. did most of you use prismas...if not then what did you use?...does any one kno how many are in the biggest prisma set and how much ruffly does it cost..just curious???
  10. NoEZ

    help me!!!

    forget it..i think ill just choose some initials.....mullets..hahahaha...funny......ok no more posts here
  11. NoEZ

    help me!!!

    i kno im not postin a pic...but im tryin to find a new name...i posted this in tha yard but no one ever goes there...i thought maybe you guys could help me out....i want a new name that starts with a "M" and ends with a "S"..i wouldnt normaly post this here but i wanna sketch another pic but i wanna do it under a new name...sorry...but please try and help....thanx
  12. ive been writin since september...
  13. wtf...man...noez and enzo is different man...well tha letters are tha same ...but it doesnt mean we got a rivalry....if you used tha name noez or id i used enzo too then wed battle for tha name but this isnt somethin you battle over....any ways but wat did you think about tha sketch?
  14. check this sketch out...is not colored yet...but just tell me wat ya think... http://www.ofoto.com/PhotoView.jsp?UV=567882128468_47779579203&US=0&rand=0.24108180850384625&photoid=17639479203&collid=91501509203'>
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