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  1. Words that lose their meanings.... me and some friends were on drugs when we started to notice that certain words lose their meanings after being said frequently.... such as: fondle.... giggle..... guide...... fond...... outlet..... ok im tired of this already....
  2. NoEZ

    Who's Getting Drunk?

    I?m just returning from my drunken night. I'd say it was pretty fucking fun. Went to Perkins and had some pancakes and talked shit about this kid that i saw at Perkins a few nights before who just happened to be in the next booth over and heard the whole thing. All I can say is he desearved it anyway. But the reason I don't feel like getting into. Oh and I kinda flirted with his woman too. Right in front of him. You would think someone would do something about you talking shit about him and macking on his woman. I feel like an ass but I it dont; matter cause i had a fun night. Right on folks. I'm fucking wasted and out. Peace.
  3. "What the hell do I wanna be white for...that shit's stooopiiid!!"
  4. Ok cool man. Just send me an email when youve decided. Let me know what you would possibly want in return too.
  5. Tess...if its possible and if your willing to do it, I wouldn't mind getting a copy of that too. You don't have to but I'd be very greatful. heres my email address... canibus_maximus_tokimus@yahoo.com ...just let me know ok
  6. NoEZ


    I'm gonna have sooo much fun.:cool:
  7. NoEZ


    Posting your sketches on the internet to a bunch of other internet losers is no way to get respect as a graffiti writer. Don't post your shit on the internet because it is a waste of time. Go out to the streets or the yard and get your fame their. "Argueing over the internet is like racing in the special olypics. Even if you win your still retarded!"
  8. NoEZ

    EWOK HM Flicks

    Re: ... I always thought that trying to do your best was the way to get things done the way you want it done. You have one ignorant opinion.
  9. NoEZ

    pilot clothing

    Ok...heres you. "Oh look a camera!!...Whats this button do??! (Button tells you what your thinking during this very moment) "I want some crack!! "..OOO!!" Lay off the crack buddy.
  10. NoEZ

    Vert? vs Atem...

    Damn....you ugly!
  11. NoEZ


    this is applesauce1 if you look at the stickers they all say flcl:D dumbass
  12. NoEZ

    The Picture of Everything

    Where's Waldo...He's gotta be in there somewhere.
  13. NoEZ

    drunkest bombers

    THat last photo is killer man!:lol: :lol: :lol: ..put it int he first post...should be the first thing people see!:lol:
  14. I don't believe a word of it.
  15. Ok ...I don't know much about this but I've been told the action on my guitar is too high. So I need to get it lowered. I need it lowered by monday night and I don;t have money to pay for any type of maintenance. So I thought I'd try and do it myself. I looked on the internet for tutorials but can't find shit. Does any body know about any of this and could talk me through it. I'd be very greatful. I have a Epiphone Les Paul Standard if that helps any.
  16. NoEZ


    Thanks Smart and SPF. I think I can figure it out now.
  17. NoEZ


    Yea Smart it's 2 piece.
  18. NoEZ


    Epiphone is owned by Gibson or somthing liek that. It's like the affordable versions of the Gibson models.
  19. NoEZ


    That explains some but I would liek to know more if there is more.
  20. NoEZ


    Now that's dope!^
  21. NoEZ

    old school quotes in new school songs

    I think it depends on how its done. Like I've written lyrics in the past that had maybe the smallest bit or maybe even a few full lines from influences or jsut great emcees that came up with a dope line. For example I was writting lyrics a few months ago where I started out the song with the first four lines of Shimmy Shimmy Ya by. Ol Dirty Bastard. But as soon as I jumped into my own lines I mentioned his name and tied it into the first 4 lines of his creation. So now it seems as if I was just respecting an artist and his creation and bringing it back. And I was using the same instrumental he used for that song. It's not a serious song. It's just a fun track. ALmost like a tribute. But when you choose to take a line from someone elses creation and don't even in anyway show that its not yours and that its someone elses now thats biting. But I dont know what I'm talking about right now. I high as a Fother Mucker!:cool:
  22. NoEZ

    The Photography Thread

    ^^ I think I know that last spot. Chup...we should get together when you have your vacation in december. You do get one right.
  23. NoEZ

    i wanna battle one of ya

    You must be one then.
  24. NoEZ

    Dreadlock tips...

    I'm getting my hair dreaded in about a week. I wanted to ask the people on here who have dreads what are some tips for keeping them in nice condition. I know of some tricks but I want ot see what some of you have done to keep them in good condition. Post pictures of your dreads if you want...I'll probably post mine when I get em done.