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  1. thanks for the comments so far.. i checked out the nomad, but it doesn't seem all that great from the website.. as far as i can tell it's the same amount of money and it holds less music sucks about the battery life.. i can see myself getting pissed realizing on the subway i forgot to charge my shit.. luckily the lovely world of cellular phones have already introduced me to this frustration.. anyone know anything about these mini-ipods? are they just a gayified version (of an admittedly already gay product?)
  2. sorry for the second ipod thread... i should have a nice paycheck on the way in a week or two, and i've been thinking about buying an ipod for a while.. so any stories of them, good or bad? does yours fuck up all the time? is the sound good? is there any real difference between the 300 dollar one and the 500 dollar one besides the amount of music it can hold? graci
  3. damn, hesh beat me too it.. you called your own girlfriend's vagina a cunt, you loser. all of you are pussy's who cant handle a little blood on your shit while doing the job. going that week without sex is far worse than an extra couple minutes cleaning up afterward. damn.
  4. i decided a while ago that i'm somewhat pro-life. i'm about as liberal as they get on most things, but i think killing babies is fucked up. if you make a mistake you ought to deal with the consequences. just because it's scientifically possible doesn't make it morally allright. if i got my girlfriend pregnant, it would fucking end my world right now. i'd probably have to drop out of school and get a shit job. it would be terrible, but i just cant think it's fine to kill your baby. you got to take responsobility if you fuck up. that aside, i think abortions should be legal, and available to women upon request, no questions asked. the fact is, chicks will be aborting babies forever, and they might as well be able to do it safely. just like the clean needles thing in LA for heroin addicts. i'm not for legalizing heroin, but if we can provide them with a safe way of avoiding getting aids, that's cool by me. as for the shit you posted, i think its fine. if someone's going to be hitting pregnant women they ought to get as much time as they can.
  5. http://home.earthlink.net/~ratip/dasyne/c53.jpg'> i lost my virginity in the parking lot this mural's at.. no shit. thank's ges!
  6. What do you all think? Generally my motto is fuck the Democrats. I mean, when shit get's serious, the democrats have always supported blatantantly imperialist moves - Hiroshima, Vietnam, Gulf war's one and two... They're really no different from Republicans, at least not in any serious way. They represent the same ideals of their wealthy supporters, big buisness. All that aside, here are my thoughts... Howard Dean is alright, but I'm not really crazy about him. My big problem with Howard Dean is this - yeah he was against the war, we were all against the war. Now the war is over (despite on average 2 American's dying daily) and we've got a real fucked up occupation. Dean doesn't seem to have any plan of action in getting us out of there. Lieberman - guy needs to accept that he's not ever going to be President and stop trying already. John Kerry (Kerrey?) is a fucking douche bag. Voted for the war, then came out against it for his campaign. Boooooo. Get a new hair-do you stupid fuck. Wesley Clark - I like this guy a lot. In fact my only problem with him is that he associates himself with the Democratic party. He supports worker's unions, has a good plan for getting us out of Iraq, is all for education, aggressive health coverage for all Americans... so far homie gets my vote. Anyways, what do you all say?
  7. you are the stupidest bunch of mother fuckers i have ever met in my life. el-p is wacker than wack. linda trip sucked, dear elp was fucking hilarious. "i heard you only pull chicks when you play tug of war with lesbians" "some fools bought into it because they dont know no better/that you're a hamburger pimp, you're only out for the cheddar." "on stage, a failure, got to stop rocking mic's and start rocking asthma inhalers." "elp vs. spice girls, i've got five on scary spice, but both of yall are in need of backup singers when it's live" some of that shit is the most classic diss lines ever. elp's response was horrible - the song is gay as fuck, and the fact is, sole's just trying to handle his buisness like a man. alias, clouddead, telephone jim jesus, odd nosdam, these are the cats that are pioneering hip hop today. i'm drunk of jagermeister. fuck a cop. word.
  9. ShitFuck


    I dont think so man, there's one in New York, L.A., Tokyo, and London.. maybe a couple others.
  10. ShitFuck


    Has anyone been? I've heard it's like 75 bucks a plate. Sounds like disney world for me, I'm a fucking Sushi fiend.
  11. The video is just funny because it's Aesop Rock superimposed into Style Wars, with him bombing "style wars 2003" and stuff like that, clips of the original style wars.. good shit.
  12. Has anyone seen this video?! It's fucking ridiculous! Go to Launch.yahoo.com, type in Aesop Rock, and watch the video for No Jumper Cables. Shit's fucking hilarious. and I didn't even like Def Jux.
  13. that last lewis diss is horrific, man, writers are all fags these days. that lewis is so cool. bastards.
  14. Thanks everyone for the input, it's much appreciated. What do you guys think about this one? http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...&category=11724
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