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  1. TOOFIS? Upper hand in what…what the fuck are you talking about…you just want to be involved so bad… If you want me to pretend like your involved and that you have an effect on my life, that’s fine, but the truth is, that you’re nobody to me It so funny that you feel like your winning something... There is no upper or lower hand But there is a bottom line, you need to smarten up
  2. ok toof, first off your boy tried to talk to me like we was cool. rite there he should of known he was getting one. second how can you cheap shot someone when there looking rite at you. you must be the type of guy that likes warnings third my little sister could hit someone with a bottle and run down the street.....
  3. yeah im a jerk, but i figured since it started from this shit it should end with it....12oz that is for you dum dums
  4. Hurt Units dam 12oz is worse than Don King, i had to beat TEKs ass last night because of this dumb shit....computer beef........ your man statrick......DOA.DTE. to be Continued
  5. i'll do that my super secret buddy......... read a book!
  6. The intelligence level on this thing is just sad…. I’ wouldn’t like me either, if the only thing I have in life was graffiti and I sucked at it. All the people that hate on me, I’ve never seen them do anything good, and they try so hard at it. I never paint, but I am satisfied with my ability and if wanted to get better I could. People have said to me on here “you can still be a toy and paint good” well fine then i have no problem with that, but what are you if you suck…. bottom line is when it comes to game of life I’m winning my battle, are you winning yours? See you guys at the bank………
  7. chumpaholic in a way i wasn't tlaking shit, I just thought you could paint better than that mess you left on the wall(who flix shit like that). i might not be doing anything, but when you paint a piece like that I wouldn't call that doing anything either,but making people laugh.... just keep not being good aight... this is the same little kid that said he had to come back to RI cause he was having too much sex, and im a JOKE! hurt unit......
  8. holy shit thats not tek from RI is it?
  9. Hurt Units Who the fuck is STATE. is that a joke or does some goof really write that? this kind of reminds me of when everyone's favorite bombers did a interview on the channel six news..........
  10. http://www.terababes.com/brianabanks/brianabanks06.jpg'> http://www.terababes.com/brianabanks/brianabanks34.jpg'> Brianna Banks...not a big fam of blondes but this chick is bad.... http://www.terababes.com/terapatrick/terapatrick01.jpg'> tera hot
  11. TEK is the best writer in RI.... he paints extra illegal spot and keeps it real YO!........he also has sex so much that it makes him say dam.......DAM! thats allot of sex.......;) hes a true graf writer son YO! Ps. FUCK FLIX we should all get a bunch of walki talkies so we can chat in real time.
  12. "hurt ass tagers" being all that wack ass kats that do hurt tags aroud my pieces....... i dont need help, if i wanted that shit i would do it my self... what i'm telling people is dont fuck with my shit i wont fuck with theirs..im not worried about your bombing and taging, dont worry about my pieces... your a cool kat and all drip but you never make any sence..... you think you would know but your stuck in the past.
  13. that a mad soft thing to say........ how you gonna keep doing your thing, when your not doing anything. like i told mad people before, i dont care what you hurt ass tagers do until it effects what im doing...dont fuck with me i wont fuck with you... don't tuch my pieces and i wont have to piont out that you have no talent.... anyone can bomb, but not anyone can piece.........its not aceptable to be bad a graf......
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