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  1. i would have shot it with my thirty odd.
  2. cobble hill brooklyn new york please.
  3. send her through a treechopper for shizzle. then i'd mangle what evers left and distribute it here and there through out the forests.
  4. yeah, i used to ride one of them little kids bikes around. ive got my battle scars. s&m didnt treat me so right.
  5. all praise the badonkadonk. it's what we all live for.
  6. yeah, i was all fucked up off the glass and i lost a bag in my shoe. i remember looking all over the motherfucking dodge durango for that little pouch.
  7. oh, i havent killed any gay men. i hit a guy with a crowbar once but those were the olden days and im not really sure if he was gay. anyways, im not trying to be a thug at all..i dont know what your minds set on i just dislike you for running your mouth about your type. you're just a manlover looking out for your own.
  8. "i took your girl nigger, youre jealous nigger, i've got the fellers and we're all running triggers"
  9. "me and my black rugged time machine" -SubRoc
  10. you can't go wrong with a cold budweiser, bottled or canned.
  11. This thread is motherfucking Wack.
  12. yeah, so dont run off at the mouth when you're a punk snatch like yourself.
  13. graffsurgeon


    the guy who created ninja turtles..his pops lives like a mile or so from me. hes got a lamborghini and a nice dumptruck and shit. its quite the combination. the laser detector blows up rolling by his garage.
  14. i never asked you to take me seriously. you'd take me seriously if you were catching my airmax in your jaw in the standish woods. fuck off fool. im never going to jail and im never getting my ass beat. im a sleek motherfucker, more then your shit talking ass will ever know.
  15. i watch my back as others have done for me. when i get that chill down my spine is when i usually try to chill out in a shitty location. i guess you just have to watch who you fuck with and whom you approach at those young hours of the day. this cat jacked some windpants at a store up the street from me on sunday afternoon and a guy that worked there chased him out into the portland street. the shoplifter struck him twice with a cane and pulled a dagger out of the end of it and stabbed the kid in the heart. theres some crazy fucks around my way. especially since AMHI kicked them out into t
  16. you're a fuckin sicko..if anyone ever presented the idea of such a thing i'd smash them with a blunt instrument. kill fags and other people like you.
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