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Everything posted by graffsurgeon

  1. haha, that's cause you got dissed. straight up.
  2. was it just me or was MyCockBleeds fuckin hilarious? Anyways..whats done is done and we'll see ya later.
  3. is Newark on anyones list? the city of the forgotten.
  4. live it up in Cobble Hill, BROOKLYN. this fellow, has seen some shit.
  5. what did god do to surprise negros? infected their country with a terminal disease.
  6. "a dollar and a dime/ do a sting-ring around a white collar crime"
  7. ahhh, chicken nuggets is all im concerned with.
  8. i aint been over there but i know germany pumps out some fine girlies so i give them props for this.
  9. things that are hot? mach 3 razors black/ white thongs tactical twelve gauges sweet talking your girl ghetto documentarys mob documentarys rap music classic rock bushmaster .223's brooklyn, new york brunettes raw dogging my bitch late eighties/ early ninties gangster rap socom/ bounty hunter for the playstation new era caps polo gear armani shit the blocks in portland, maine rest in power messages on my throws delivery trucks taxis police cars, if you can run fast ahhh, theres a bunch of dope shit in my book anyways
  10. angry xbox...did you used to be registered under the name of blink_atx?
  11. me and my black rugged time machine/ i bury kids that would be worth the dream
  12. like the retro nines im rockin nigga
  13. jesse james would rip shit up.
  14. two-thousand three is here. and Emurse has got a new girl. word em up
  15. i think they all held their own pretty well.
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