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  1. yeah, those fuckin forties look like they got a sample of hobo urine in the bottom of each. you better hit that cunt rawdog, thats what i'd do anyways. as long as theres two curtains and a tunnel word em up
  2. whats the dizzle? this is a straight fucked up sunday. yes, i am pushing a lincoln and yes, i am wireless on the lifebook niggas. wheres all the keg parties tonight you stingy fucks. trains planes and automobiles. erowemurseones$$$$$$$$$$$$1LVEwishmeluck
  3. "moneys flowing, everythings fine/ i've got myself an uzi and my brother a nine/ business is booming/ everything is cool/ i pull about a G a week, fuck school"
  4. stonewashed jeans i remember this fly iroc-z mesh cap i had. shit was illest. reebok pumps
  5. went to school. sold a couple grams of chicken and headed out. smoked a couple fatties and met up with my pops for lunch. swung by the record shop and picked up Fireblade for the ps2 and metal fingers...mf doom's new lp...chilling on this shit for now then bedtime niggas.
  6. a puerto rican kid tried to jack my pops whip back in the day. shotty to his head untill the old nypd showed their face. that guy would have been right fucked if he had pressed the gas pedal, let me tell you.
  7. how about, Bitch Bendoverandtakemytubesteakuntillthesuncomesup. that would be my name.
  8. yeah, that fuckin thief got snuffed out quick for a piece of shit whip. fuck him and fuck the other guy that shot him. he should have put himself out before he shot the kid.
  9. i was standing in a yard once and i watched a train go off the track. The front kept dragging the back end along with dirt and a couple tracks. that was interesting.
  10. MF GRIMM.. Do it for the kids
  11. yeah, word up to strawberry milk
  12. i'd show her not to flip me off again.
  13. i rode street for 6 years. then my life changed.
  14. madflows grimm metalface doom slug skitzofreniks tupac 50 cent buc fifty outkast nwa crew tribe necro non phixion cage copywrite mykill myers arsonists kool g rap kool keith and the rest of the ultramagnetic mc's roc one esoteric pack fm adeem mad kids representing their rhymes and skill on the block jeru tha damija, burned out..i know mos def talib kweli PUTS spice one big L notorious big there's too many fuckin cats to recognize
  15. i've seen some fuckin two towers. except a couple sandnigs ran some flying machines into them poisoning the skyline.
  16. friends dont let friends tumble over the edge
  17. i'm stronger then co co caine i mean cracks
  18. is this for real? cause i'm down to loot and kill for the freedom of Rockstar gaming.
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