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Everything posted by graffsurgeon

  1. fuck em/ whos the biggest gang of niggas in the city
  2. fuck off fagboss. take your gayness to another place. we all know we wouldnt miss you one bit.
  3. true this. mad loot down the drain.
  4. well that wont happen, but i will smash you with a hammer if you come up to the northeast.
  5. if you dont like the USOFA move to iraq or north korea and get snuffed out in the war you fucking commie.
  6. i like the one where it shows a bunch of people chasing after this girl running at an oncoming train and the girl gets fucking nailed by the locomotive mangled straight up. shits hilarious
  7. "very blunt atitude/non-chalent/ i do what i want/ if i get ghosted expect me back to haunt"
  8. i got it on www.bangedup.com a couple years back.
  9. no, but i was so drunk once i puked all over my laptops keyboard. after cleaning out each sensor with q-tips the evaluation was made that i needed to drop 80 dollars on a new fuckin keyboard. Gay.
  10. this thread sucks three inch penis. fuck you hussy. thats all you are anyways.
  11. i'd kick tysons ass. then i'd rip out his tounge and voicebox so i dont have to hear that little childs voice on espn whenever he fucks up.
  12. i am a fucking god if you couldnt tell you dirty jew.
  13. "Am I a G!?/ I've got proof, I banged in my youth/ and kept niggas on the roof.."
  14. yeah, it must suck to be banned. it happened to me once but i overcame and overpowered. i will seek my revenge on the boy-lovers whom wasted my time.
  15. well shit, lay off the stallion.
  16. damn, that 15 year old can push em together all she likes while im up in them. i'd have a course for her. macros cat has a point. we all suck. big money or no money.
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