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  1. WAR. North Koreas been slinging nukes.its ww3 boys
  2. a couple years back we were going to this bitches party and the girl had called the shit off and my boy lived right up the street and like 3 of my other friends just took off from the pigs cause they had done a caserace or someshit so we scoop them up in my boys honda wagavan..them old fuckin things all wheel drive and shit..well we pull into some guys dirtdrive way and he had some bulldozers and shit and a big open space so we started spinning cookies and shit yelling drinking beers and whatnot..this was in the middle of a maine fuckin blizzard..and we pull out of this guys driveway and drive
  3. no one has ever seen my graffiti. i dont even write. i hate all of you im just immobilized from a terrible accident.
  4. yeah, i havent been dumb enough to get fucked through my life yet my boy was supposed to do some last week but he just wrote down some shit and had his girl sign her moms name on there saying her mom was disabled and he did a bunch of work for her over 3 days and like fuckin magic his beef with the state was gone.
  5. yes, homosexual. Like your response.
  6. "when do we get paid?"- homer "Not untill Christmas Eve" -Berns
  7. no. i've only met one anyways, and he was a faggot.
  8. theres a fuckin blizzard where im at. 14 inches since 3pm.
  9. no doubt, ive been turning to budweisers to travel out of keins..its drastic
  10. thats funny. i was in a walgreens around 7 last night in some pussy town in new hampshire. i walked through the door and some punkass with 3 girls goes homey g slanging. i heard him and i turned and said" what motherfucker"are you talking shit?" he continued to stare forward at the cosmetics and say nothing. my sister grabbed my arm and pulled me along in the store saying it wasnt worth it and shit. my sister grabbed some fuckin rat food for her sick little animal and i grabbed an arizona. the kid is all hesitant to walk past me but he had to leave so as hes walking by i yell fucking herb in h
  11. fuck cornrows. rock em if you got a sawed off under your avirex and your selling critters in bed-stuy..besides that theyve become every niggas dream
  12. new jersey drive is a good movie. i dont like new jersey though. Bk boy
  13. is that the cat that talks about lizard presidents and shit? thats all fuckin bullshit shut up x box over and over youre wasting my goddamned fucking time.
  14. fuck new years. i aint ready for two thousand and three
  15. corny my ass. those fellas can rock a mic no doubt. they all got skill its just what you like. id have to say ill bill and copywrite are a couple of the illest in the underground right now..brooklynites anyways
  16. looks like you dropped a dime on yourself boy.
  17. fuck xbox microsoft is for cunts..besides on the computer cause theres no other way but that faggot ass apple shit
  18. "i write with a crew light beamed from a street lamp/ up under the cherry moon/ to me thats a cheap tramp/"
  19. yeah, he is a rich punkass. he might aswell stop rhyming about guns and drugs cause he has no part in either.
  20. play less ps2..although after this xmas it doesnt look that way..more girlies..mad loot, less drugs more distribution..fuckin graduate no doubt.
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