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  1. Asid

    kill me now

    way easier said then done
  2. Asid


    Re: yO the point is you dont have the balls to do half of these flicks..its not style, it's how much your up..try and rock a sheriff running billboard, you'll drive to it and piss your pants then leave, and diss some writer more up than you on this message board..
  3. Asid


    is that kyt gro?
  4. Asid

    Bombing Or Murals??

    yea bombing on top of murals is great...
  5. Asid

    are you dating a stripper ?

    wow didnt know their was a lot of strippers at my school..
  6. "Yo bro can I borrow 20 bucks?" :lol: :lol:
  7. nelly over cypress, hahaha...old cypress hill was great...nelly lives in clayton missouri..im his paperboy, peace...
  8. one of my best freinds is arab, and he was more pissed off than me that day...
  9. Asid


    yano words can no longer explain how stupid you are..
  10. Asid

    the war...your opinions..

    we didnt fly over and carpet bomb them..we didnt turn the whole country into rubble...it's not genocide...these people dont like this guy it's obvious...and where are you getting these 1000's of civilian deaths? IRAQ's own goverment has reported 200 casualties...and IRAQ's goverment usually over dramatizes the statistics... I know we supplied this guy with about 20 billion dollars in the 1980's but we saw him as a normal leader...we used him as a "oil whore"...we paid him to kill soviets and iranians then sell us his oil...we didnt know he'd go and play god...we actually thought some leaders in the middle east had some morals...It's like giving a kid a drivers liscense and a car, you expect him not to kill others or himself doing stupid shit with his car...
  11. Asid


    haha, were your parents fundamentalists or something look at all this religious stuff, I used to draw cats on fire and boobs...I guess thats what happens when you dont go to church ever...
  12. Asid

    the war...your opinions..

    Re: Saddam Hussein is a Monster This sums it up all right here, we need to rid this asshole before he gets the capabilities of north korea..and thats what were doing...it's common sense....theirs no sercret conspiracy for Bush to fufill his vendetta..
  13. And we are still going to give that guy a trial, if it were me I would of blown him away on the spot...imagine being handicaped for life on a wheelchair because a fellow soldier of yours threw a grenade at you..