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  1. i never complained hahahahaha... i was always there in the mix looking out. painting etc.... snapping flicks.. distracting people having a blast i guess our missions had alot of other things going on all wrapped into it... it was exciting and i wouldnt change it for anything... those were the good ol' days.. ahahaha... :huh2:
  2. Agreed... Supercharge it :innocent: :huh2: lol
  3. yes that is the one!!:eek:
  4. brings back memories.. *sigh*:king:
  5. hell yeah thats what im talkin about... PB&J Time...
  6. my favs.... my favs...:king:
  7. SatansArtist


    fuck yeah... keep putting it down guys..... LGF 2003 represent.... i will post some flicks later.. teeheee.....
  8. OUCH!!!! wtf happend here?????
  9. i think i took that pic!!!!!!!:mad: just messing b...haha
  10. damn can i say focus...:dazed:
  11. just give it to my friend he knows how to jack up computers... haha.. just open up your comp and start touching things in there and unplugging the plugs and switching them around you dont exactly know what they are but you know you sholdnt be touching them and your plan on breaking it will work out fine!:D
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