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  1. go to arabiangallery.com I think you will enjoi; I would post my own, but don't have the option.
  2. the tropicana flik is PIMP!
  3. Blueprint got burned pretty bad at Scribble.. he was all stutering and shit I'm not trying to hate, but the first flik with Kelp, and Wand looks like they took a chomp out of Ces's style((the letterforms, and especially the cuts in the fill). When I first glansed at it I thought it said Wish.The characters are pretty raw though.
  4. I"ve seen the Revok up there. I took a shitty flik of it a while back. It"s been their for a about a year now. I wonder what happened, I don't think he got bagged.
  5. fresh post! feeln' the onoroks
  6. that shit has me rolln'!!
  7. that pez is sick! nice how he uses the negative space. Bump for the 21rak and wys
  8. Hot Damm!! ther must be sumthin in dat virginia wader..dang! dat boy Elk is da best thang daty ever come out dem woods boy!!
  9. those dial character are fuckin raw
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