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  1. I wouldn't say it iis premature as of now. Rumors have been going around saying that trialers will be in theatres next month, and that the film should be hitting theatres in September. We'll see. I've been keeping up with all the announements and what not on www.wesanderson.org I am bummed that Swartzman backed out early on in the casting process. He had a shoe in position supposivily. Oh well...
  2. http://dev.pcusa.org/nmd_rocks/images2/lifeaquatic001.jpg'> ...it's only a matter of time.
  3. I am a fan of the group who did it. They did all the recent burger king commericals, along with some aweosme commericals for Ikea. http://www.cpbmiami.com/ ------------------------------------- check this - http://www.snopes.com/business/market/chicken.asp
  4. I'll check it out -- go ahead and delete this thread if you want.
  5. lets see these shirts first --- post flicks
  6. is there a 12oz sticker exchange?
  7. I did hear the follow up caller, who gave the link to wired news. Hence - why I posted a follow up. Sorry for doubling up on topics. I didn't see it on any of the other pages.
  8. MORE INFO ----- http://www.wired.com/news/mac/0,2125,63000,00.html On Thursday, Intego issued a press release saying it had found OS X's first Trojan Horse, a piece of malware called MP3Concept or MP3Virus.Gen that appears to be an MP3 file. If double-clicked and launched in the Finder, the Trojan accesses certain system files, the company claimed. While Intego said the Trojan was benign, it said future versions could be authored to delete files or hijack infected machines. In the release, and in subsequent telephone interviews, Intego was vague about the purported Trojan's workings and its origins. On Friday, Mac programmers and security experts accused the company of exaggerating the threat to sell its security software. "They gave the impression that this is a threat, but it isn't," said Dave Schroeder, a systems engineer with the University of Wisconsin. "It is a benign proof of concept that was posted to a newsgroup. It isn't in the wild, and can't be spread in the wild. It's a non-issue." "They are spreading FUD to sell their software," said Ryan Kaldari, a programmer from Nashville, Tennessee, referring to the shorthand for fear, uncertainty and doubt. Rob Rosenberger of Vmyths said he'd seen virus hype many, many times, and if antivirus companies put out alarmist press releases, it's for one of two reasons: "Either they're delusional or they're trying to own the hysteria," he said. "This has been going on for 16 years now." Rachel Keiserman, a tech-support person at Intego, denied on Friday that her company exaggerated the threat or was attempting a publicity stunt. "It's not a hoax or anything like that." She declined to comment further and pointed to a press release listing questions and answers, which defended the company's decision to classify the issue as a threat. "While the first versions of this Trojan Horse that Intego has isolated are benign, this technique opens the door to more serious risks," the company said. "The exploit that it uses is both insidious and dangerous, and it is our duty as a vendor of Macintosh security solutions to protect our users. We don't believe in waiting until the damage occurs, unlike some of our competitors." Technically, the threat isn't a Trojan Horse by the standard definition: It isn't a working piece of malicious code and can't easily be spread to other computers, experts said. Instead, it is a demonstration of a possible threat. "We're talking about theoreticals here," said Schroeder. "It is possible for OS X to be infested with Trojans, viruses and security issues, but until it is, they aren't justified in raising the alarm." The demonstration contains a real MP3 file of someone laughing. When launched in jukebox software like iTunes, the MP3 file plays and nothing else happens. But if double-clicked in the Finder, the MP3 file plays and a warning is displayed. The program can't be spread by e-mail or through a file-sharing network unless it is compressed using software like Aladdin's Stuffit. Failing to compress the MP3 file before sending it renders the software inoperative. The program exploits a vulnerability that goes back to the original Mac operating system: The system allows programs to appear as a file. Programs can have any icons, names or file extension. In other words, users could be tricked into activating a malicious program, thinking they were opening a document, picture or song. The vulnerability was exploited several times by Trojans authored for previous versions of the Mac OS. Mac programmer Bo Lindbergh wrote the threat demonstration and posted a link on the comp.sys.mac.programmer.misc newsgroup on March 20. The link leads to a site in Sweden. The file has now been removed. Lindbergh didn't respond to an e-mail requesting comment. Symantec on Friday said it was aware of the software. "It is a proof-of-concept Trojan that does affect the Mac platform; however, it is currently not present in the wild," the company said in a statement. It said it would continue to monitor the situation. Likewise, Apple spokeswoman Natalie Sequeira said the company was investigating. "We are aware of the potential issue identified by Intego and are working proactively to investigate it," she said.
  9. I heard this on Air America Radio this morning and am still trying to find out more information on it. I don't know if it is a marketing sceme or what -- I'll post more info as I find it. _________________________________________- http://www.intego.com/home.asp INTEGO SECURITY ALERT Intego Announces Protection against the First Mac OS X Trojan Horse: MP3Concept April 8, 2004 – Intego, the Macintosh security specialist, has just released updated virus definitions for Intego VirusBarrier to protect Mac users against the first Trojan horse that affects Mac OS X. This Trojan horse, MP3Concept (MP3Virus.Gen), exploits a weakness in Mac OS X where applications can appear to be other types of files. The Trojan horse's code is encapsulated in the ID3 tag of an MP3 (digital music) file. This code is in reality a hidden application that can run on any Macintosh computer running Mac OS X. Mac OS X displays the icon of the MP3 file, with an .mp3 extension, rather than showing the file as an application, leading users to believe that they can double-click the file to listen to it. But double clicking the file launches the hidden code, which can damage or delete files on computers running Mac OS X, then iTunes to play the music contained in the file, to make users think that it is really an MP3 file . While the first versions of this Trojan horse that Intego has isolated are benign, this technique opens the door to more serious risks. This Trojan horse has the potential to do any of the following: - Delete all of a user's personal files - Send an e-mail message containing a copy of itself to other users - Infect other MP3, JPEG, GIF or QuickTime files Due to the use of this technique, users can no longer safely double-click MP3 files in Mac OS X. This same technique could be used with JPEG and GIF files, though no such cases of infected graphic files have yet been seen. Intego VirusBarrier eradicates this Trojan horse, and Intego remains diligent to ensure that VirusBarrier will also eradicate any future viruses that may try to exploit this same technique. All Intego VirusBarrier users should make sure that their virus definitions are up to date by using the NetUpdate preference pane in the Mac OS X System Preferences.
  10. I'm a sneaky mother fucker http://www.xeni.net/images/bb/clipData.html
  11. he can macarena and do the roger rabbit too
  12. I asked it to take off the mask, and a silly warning message comes up. Did you get anything halfway cool?
  13. http://www.subserviantchicken.com/ http://www.subserviantchicken.com/html/subservientChicken04.jpg'> Kinda creepy, kinda funny, and over all ridiculous. From what i can tell - when you ask it to do something it must take keywords and apply them to other preloaded .swf files -- i can imagine there are tons of them. So.... lets find out what it can and can't do. So far it will: Do the electric slide Do the roger rabbit Hump stand in the corner etc... all pretty obvious things. I am guess that who ever created this must have some secret commands.
  14. we will attack in red and black
  15. "Seeking was a young boy, he had a heart of stone.... Lived 9 to 5 and he worked his fingers to the bone"
  16. Is that a flick of a flick?? ha more chris!
  17. Wednesday 3.10.04 GET THE FUCK UP RADIO SHOW special wednesday show featuring: LUCERO 12:00 - 2:00pm PST 1:00 - 3:00pm MST 2:00 - 4:00pm CST 3:00 - 5:00pm EST http://www.gtfuradio.com/ Click on listen !!! Then...check out the photo's & old shows archive as well. http://www.gtfuradio.com/images/102003/jer2.jpg'>
  18. My work is sending me to SF, putting me up at the Ramada Plaza on Market St, and giving me per diems every day. I got money to waste, and need to know of some good restuarants (vegetarian), coffee shops, art/toy galleries, record stores, etc.. to check out. Any info would be apreciated.
  19. It's not my personal info....I was forwarded the message from someone else. Did anyone read the article where it mentions how even Bill O'Reiley was having doubts about Bush? read here
  20. BUSH TO ENDORSE ANTI-MARRIAGE AMENDMENT According to The Washington Post, the President, as a way to "jumpstart his campaign," is about to endorse a Constitutional amendment, sponsored by Representative Marylin Musgrave (R-CO) that would ban marriage rights for same-sex couples and could forever invalidate civil unions or other legal protections for same-sex couples and their children. He is bending to pressure from anti-gay extremists who oppose every effort to secure equality for GLBT Americans. The Constitution typically is amended to ensure that people are treated equally and given the same rights. This amendment would prohibit certain Americans from following their own beliefs and living the way they choose. One group's set of beliefs prohibiting others from pursuing happiness is the opposite of basic American ideals. He - and all of our leaders - need to hear from all of us who support GLBT civil rights and marriage equality, and who oppose amending our nation's most sacred document - the U.S. Constitution. We must be as relentless as the anti-gay forces. So, starting today, we need your help in deluging Congress and the White House with calls, faxes, and e-mails. Here's how: 1. Fax your members of Congress. Tell them to oppose the Musgrave anti-marriage amendment and any attempt to amend the Constitution to discriminate against GLBT Americans. click here 2. Call the White House at 202-456-1111. Tell the President that using GLBT Americans and the U.S. Constitution for political gain is shameful. Visit this URL to let us know you called: click here 3. Please pass this on to everyone you know -- friends, family, colleagues. We trying to get 50,000 calls to the President during the next 48 hours. Visit this URL: click here
  21. First off... I'm not buying any fucking pepsi. I'm just opening them up in the store(s) and looking for winning caps. I don't give a shit who I'm supporting when doing this... I just want some good quality AAC/MP4 files to add to my on-going collection of music. If I wanted to support an independent band I would pay to see the live, and buy there merch... thats the only way bands survive. I don't feel like I would be doing any good by entering those codes on that site -- it seems to sketchy. I feel sorry for all these people in bands trying to make a living off it when only a small percentage of them ever actually get paid (If only more labels used the small ethics are fugazi and dischord). Do it for the music, to express yourself, to travel the world, meet new people, but if your doing it for the money then you are better off in a cubicle.
  22. ....How the hell can you decide on one song to download?? I am having a hell of a time trying to decide. Suggustions?? My first thought is "Free Bird"
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