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  1. Dios is pretty awesome - I listen to them a lot while working. Them and Iron and Wine. Anyone here into Apollo Sunshine? EyeForAnEye -- still haven't got you fail me yet. I found some songs on acquisition ... but last night there was a insane storm in my city and I had to shut everything down. If you have a ftp or anything you can put it on for me let me know. Email me. Also - The first song of the new 18V lp sounds like 108. Or at least when ever I hear that song I visual 108 playing it.
  2. I'M RIDING A BIG FURRY TRACTOR ---------------------------------------------------- "What about you Brick? did you get lucky last night?" ... "Last night I ate an entire red candle"
  3. My design group recently designed from t-shirts for them, as well as some other band on ferret
  4. STEVE CARELL IS A FUCKING GENIUS He by far had the best one liners. Paul Rudd was pretty awesome as well. I almost had an asthma attack from laughing so hard (on several occasions).
  5. I'm assuming your buddies with the band? Or did you get it off a P2P app? I'm dying to hear that record! hook it up. ------------------------------------ Listening to: 1. TV on the radio 2. Frou Frou 3. Piebald - I never would've thought this band would have made it to any list of mine, but there new LP is really good. 4. The Bronx 5. Elvis Costello 6. Elvis Costello 7. Elvis Costello 8. Elvis Costello 9. Elvis Costello 10. Elvis Costello
  6. Christian Hosoi is FREE! http://downwithapb.com/images/side_frame/Archived%20News/holmes/holmes6.jpg'> THIS JUST IN: Christian Hosoi is officially free! In fact, Holmes is so free that one day after his release from prison, he and a large posse (that's how the man rolls, sonny!) including wifey, pops Ivan, Hartsel, G-Dog, and Block made their way to downtown Honolulu and found themselves at the A'ala Park Boardshop looking to put together his first skateboard in nearly five years. Holmes slapped some Indy 169's and a set of 58mm Spitfires on (naturally) his very own Black Label model, and topped off the setup with a (gasp!) DOWNWITHAPB.COM sticker! The entire place was in awe, and we would just like to take this time to thank Christian and his entourage for giving us the opportunity to be the first ones to outfit him with his shred equipment! We got the man's phone number, too, so hopefully he'll bless us with a session or twelve before he splits for the mainland later on this month. Word to judo airs! If you don't know, axe somebody. [read more ]
  7. Why is that - back up your statement. It's not everday you get someone like REVS talking on a national radio show with Chuck D about graffiti. The segment so far has been pretty dope.
  8. I listen to Unfiltered every morning - it's my favorite show on Air America Radio. The show just started, and they mentioned a discussion on "graffiti on urban landscapes" will take place later on in the show. Tune in! Online: http://www.airamericaradio.com/ Or if you live in these cities, change the channel: Nationally: XM Satellite Radio - 167 Sirius Satellite Radio - 125 East: Chapel Hill, NC - WCHL 1360 Key West, FL - WKIZ 1500 New York City - WLIB 1190 Plattsburgh/Burlington - WTWK 1070 Portland, ME - WMTW 870 West/Central: Anchorage, AK KUDO 1080 Honolulu KAOI 1110 Minneapolis - WMNN 1330 Portland, OR - KPOJ 620 Riverside, CA - KCAA 1050 Sacramento, CA KSQR 1240 Santa Cruz, CA KTEE 93.7 FM San Luis Obispo, CA KYNS 1340 West Palm Beach, FL - WJNO 1290
  9. Does anyone else think it is relevant that the men behind the beheading were not from Iraq, but from but Turkey (correct me if I am wrong) ...regardless they were al queda
  10. Kentucky State Representative Reginald Meeks held an open contest for all local designers to design the states new license plate. Granted, they are all pretty weak - but my friend Scott's plate made it to the final 5. Please vote for # 154 thank you http://www.louisvilleadfed.org/license/default.php
  11. The Story When Andrew Largeman (Zach Braff) returns to his hometown for his mother’s funeral, he reconnects with old friends and - since he’s gone off his depression medication - himself. A chance meeting with Sam (Natalie Portman), who also suffering from various maladies, opens his world to the possibility of rekindling emotional attachments, confronting his psychologist father, and perhaps beginning a new life. http://www.foxsearchlight.com/gardenstate/
  12. Explain why I thought it looks like it might be an amazing movie? Well, my first reaction to the trailer is that I was drawn into the visuals, the camera angles, camera movements, and most of all the interesting scenarios. For example - like when Braff is standing in front of the wall wearing a shirt matching the pattern on the wall. Or when that guy is smoking a cigarette and shooting a flaming arrow in the sky, or when they are standing on a junk vehicle in the rain screaming,... it all looks very interesting to me, it draws me into the scenes and makes me want to learn more about the plot -- thats what trailers are supposed to do. What about you Mamerro?
  13. Have you seen the previews for Garden State? I am really excited about that movie as well.
  14. http://a288.g.akamai.net/7/288/51/6f301385515e2b/www.apple.com/trailers/fox_searchlight/garden_state/images/index_01.jpg'> http://a772.g.akamai.net/7/772/51/2321ae3e0ccc9f/www.apple.com/trailers/fox_searchlight/garden_state/images/index_02.jpg'> http://a1168.g.akamai.net/7/1168/51/a7fd93f968c179/www.apple.com/trailers/fox_searchlight/garden_state/images/index_11.jpg'> I saw the trailer for this movie when I saw Eternal Sunshine. Even though the trailer is purely visual, and doesn't really give out that much information on the plot, it looks fucking amazing. Plus - Frou Frou's "Let Go" is in the trailer as well... and I really like her recent LP. Zach Braff (Scrubs) wrote and directed the movie. He also plays the lead role. Check it out! Oh yeah, Natalie Portman is in it as well, along with some other familar faces. the trailer Info on IMDB
  15. Yeah - He was in Devo. But that was 20 years ago. Since 1979 he has written scores, and songs for numerous television shows and movies including Wes's Rusmoore and TRT ... but you probably already knew that. Look him up on IMDB.
  16. More like day two. I am curious to what Wes has planned for Kumar, and I'm pretty bummed that Luke Wilson has no involvement in this film.
  17. more photos from the set http://www.cinemaeye.com/images/uploads/lifeaquatic_cate.jpg'> http://www.cinemaeye.com/images/uploads/lifeaquatic_dafoemurray.jpg'> William Dafoe! http://www.cinemaeye.com/images/uploads/lifeaquatic_billmurray.jpg'>
  18. Where did you read that it might not be out intil Christmas?I don't know if I can wait that long! I hope it comes out sooner! I read somewhere September and I also read December. Who knows? If you have any proof please give the link. I doubt the score will be all DEVO - but I am positive Mothersbaugh will be writting it. On IMDB it says "Original Music by Mark Mothersbaugh". I wouldn't be suprised if this is Wes's best film - I have a gut feeling it would be since he wrote and directed it without Owen (No offense to Owen of course). Why is Bill Murray so fucking awesome? ------------------------------------------------------ http://www.cinemaeye.com/images/uploads/lifeaquatic_crew.jpg'>
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