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  1. I just lost some respect for seeking for this post. douchebag.
  2. spent new years eve at a friends house, drank lots of cinnamon-vanilla gas station cappuchinos and shot a ton of guns at midnight along with the rest of the neighborhood.
  3. Aeon has nice monikers.... The Jerm diss had me laughing. ....silver is better than gold.
  4. I was in Chicago on Saturday night at the Fireside Bowl, and didn't see much at all in that area. I wish I could've gotten around. I did get to eat 2 great vegetarian meals at The Chicago Vegetarian Diner and Soul Vegetarian. Caught a Grime and Bles scribe too...wooo hooooooo. Chicago is too damn cold.
  5. next time,....do us all of favor and e-mail him instead of wasting space on this forum with your bitching and moaning. thanks.
  6. Gain more weight and start smoking again
  7. Seeking...check these out having problems? You will probably find the answers here. http://www.webmonkey.com http://www.dhtmlcentral.com http://cwd.dk
  8. Mine has to be a coffe cup my older bro got me with this on it. My co-workers will love it. http://images.cafepress.com:80/zoom/782176_zoom.jpg'>
  9. I put links in my first post above regarding the show... read and learn. you won't be let down.
  10. Re: ladies who paint... God bless you rain dog. I was waiting for someone to bring up meta one or matokie slaughter. Her graffiti, monikers and fine arts are very inspirational to me. May her art live forever...RIP <img src=http://www.snowcrest.net:80/bndlstif/bb929.jpg> Femme9 (second piece) <img src=http://paintmyface.puregraffiti.com/paintlouis-99/pl99-45_x240.jpg> Respect to rukus,ebony and vatik.
  11. Lately I have been listening to alot of bands who are bringing back the more raw Sabbath sound: High on fire Sea of tombs Dead meadow Brothers Of Conquest The Glasspack been also listening to: Strike Anywhere - catchy as fuck melodic hardcore form Richmond Playing Enemy - ex-members of kiss it goodbye, deadguy and nineironspitfire,..that should say enough about them. My fav band right now. The new Fugazi Small Brown Bike - Jawbreaker, hot water music-ish, heart felt punk rock. Cave In - I am blanking on how to describe there newer sound. They are just awesome. and many more... for you cats who listed Endpoint, you should check out BY THE GRACE OF GOD and BLACK WIDOWS....hint, hint http://www.initialrecords.com/blackwidows
  12. I have been straight edge for almost 10 years. I don't shove my opinions in other people's faces, nor do I look down on people for having a vice such as alcohol, weed etc. I am just proud to be drug free, and proud to be into hardcore music. It's just how I am.
  13. http://www.sickwater.com/arguing.jpg
  14. Micheal Ray Charles is one of the main people I wanted to check out in the video. I am guessing his part was good. I wish they would've put it out on DVD. Maybe one day they will,..I'd buy it then.
  15. Why pay over $30 for 2xVHS tapes with over 240 mins of footage when I only want to see 4 out of the 12+ artists feautured in the video?? Sounds like a waste of money to me. Plus....If I was going to buy it, I would much rather have it on DVD than VHS.
  16. who says TA doesn't go big?? <img src=http://members2.photofun.com:80/ditd/HQiTOOLImageGallery/ta%5F2wholecars%2Ejpg>
  17. If anyone taped the show please hook me up with the Barry McGee & Margaret Killgallen footage. I'll pay shipping and the cost of a blank VHS tape. E-mail me (in the signature below) Art:21 is showing again! PBS will air Art:21 on: January 17 January 24 January 31 and February 7 thats four consecutive Thursdays, from 10-11pm. http://www.pbs.org/art21/index.html http://www.pbs.org/art21/artists/kilgallen/index.html http://www.pbs.org/art21/artists/mcgee/index.html
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