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  1. Nope, sorry. I already got rid of my OX OP Dalek and Biskup's.
  2. Any toy collectors in here? Fans of Kubrick, Bearbrick, Qee, Dalek, Vanimal Zoo etc? Well ... I am saving up to get a new mac so I am selling a ton of my toys. Bearbrick LOT - Series 1-8 ----------------------------------------------------------------- Bearbrick Series 8 - seven figures ----------------------------------------------------------------- Qee OX-OP Aesthetic Apparatus Poopdog *Unopened*
  3. Girl actin' like she never seen a 10 befo
  4. All of them including Chris Parnell wrote the lyrics and Jorma made the beat. I've been following them (The Lonely Island) ever since the first episode of the The Bu appreared on http://www.channel101.com. MR. PIBB + RED VINES = CRAZY DELICIOUS
  5. Damn ... This is the best skit I've seen on SNL in ages. The Lonely Island Guys are bringing back back to SNL. WATCH Lazy Sunday
  6. I don't know about you all, but I have been listening to Municipal Waste's "Hazardous Mutation" like it is nobodys business. Witte fucking rules. http://www.youtube.com/watch.php?v=VuL5TFde23U
  7. Spray Grancrete over a frame of Styrofoam, metal, wood—even woven sugarcane stalks—and in 20 minutes you have a waterproof, fire-resistant structure that has more than twice the strength of traditional concrete and can withstand extreme temperatures without cracking. A liquefied concrete-like mixture of sand, ash, magnesium oxide and potassium phosphate, Grancrete descends from a product developed to encase radioactive waste. And since it takes hours instead of weeks to build a home, it’s poised to provide low-cost, high-quality shelter to the estimated one billion people who lack it. $20.50 to coat 15 square feet - LINK
  8. WALL CHART PRINT OUT Also - Have anyone checked out the new Ginga short films on Nike.com? OS GÊMEOS are all over it. Check it OUT!
  9. Here is some more hot asian action for you
  10. Holy shit! Nice find. Here's another Kimbo Slice video I found on google - Kimbo vs Sean Gannon - its pretty old. Superfriends - This Place Sucks Unleash The Bastards - Municipal Waste Zach Galifiankis - Asian roommate
  11. And if your into all the violence/fights videos there are some good ones up there, Like this guy getting knocked the fuck out Osoma clip from Family Guy that got edited off Everything is ungodly - Marguerite Perrin - that crazy fat women from trading spouses God Warrior - Marguerite Perrin again Marguerite Perrin on Leno .. come on peoples
  12. Xbox 360 freeze/crashing Smashing the Xbox 360
  13. You have seen most of these before - now they are just easier to access! Go to YouTube, browse and share your favorites. Screaming news reporter (grapes) Numchucks? Nutrigrain - I feel great Two legged dog Minor Threat - It Follows Me/Screaming at a wall Mouthpiece - Cinder Subway graffiti - not sure what this is from Kimbo Slice! Fugazi - waiting room Ninja skills Chimpanzee robot Sleepy cabbie Kraftwerk - Old video from 1977 David Brent dancing Kaws blitz Exorcist spider walk
  14. Ha ha ... Spinellis. Love that place.
  15. From what I have heard, it is really good. Think a heavier wig out at denkos.
  16. I doubt I will get any response to this, but does anyone have mp3's to the Los Vampiros 7" or LP? If you do please email me and hook it up! Los Vampiros was a side project of some of the members of Dag Nasty. They released a 7" EP and a full length LP on Selfless Records. When Brian was in California recording the Doggy Style LP In 1986, Peter, Colin and Roger got together with Don Zinzel (Troubled Gardens) and recorded a few songs. Selfless released this seven inch by Los Vampiros in 1991 which features the songs they recorded in 1986. They re-formed in 1990 with Mike Davis from Foundation playing guitar, and Eban Burr playing bass and recorded an LP for Selfless Records called "Less Than A Feeling". This record was released on LP and CD in 1991, but is quite difficult to find. Some of the records came with an additional 12" record which features outtakes from 1986, and a telephone interview with Peter Cortner. If you can find either one of these records, pick it up. It is seriously amazing stuff. They are available on black and clear red vinyl. Los Vampiros also appeared on a compilation in the early 90's - and the name of that compilation escapes me right now. Anyway, they contributed one track, "I Kill Dogs".
  17. No news stories are up yet about this - this is the first thing I found online --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The first time I ever heard Mitch Hedberg, he was talking about how he "wished he could play little league right now because he'd kick some f**cking ass". I continued to listen and he was convinced that "if carrots got you drunk, then surely rabbits would be f**cked up." Mitch had a unique style of comedy that you either got or it just flew right over your head. Mitch was a regular on Comedy Central and David Letterman and will be missed by everyone who was fortunate enough to hear his routines. Read more here or here
  18. You shold've posted "California Waiting"
  19. LIV Dyner loves pizza Dark circa 2000 gross Aktr
  20. More oldies Task OPM Obeyone stencils Nmeone OPM Lokust RIOT
  21. Nice spot, but bad choice in colors. It took me a good 3-4 times going past it to make out anything. Keep it simple! Black/white/silver - you can never lose.
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