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  1. i was under the impression this thread was for requests... well i request you guys stop talking shit. and fight like real men. or move it to another thread.
  2. taking request? shore,velcro,heist,,hymn2,quiter,stoe or maybe even midgets doing wholecars
  3. Big HEISTER!!! oh yeah...and i'm hating on that bnsf autorak...we never get those out here...fuck denver and any other place that gets those till they come my way.
  4. zesto nas quit on the ladder... so did they stamp all the chessie system flats? that HLMX used to be a CSXT.
  5. hottboy is really really good. or really really sucks. either way, some of that shit's pretty funny.
  6. well there should be about 7 of em...
  7. hmmm...i dont know if i really like this shit or really hate this shit. i do know that there should be some sorta graff thrown in here somewhere.
  8. the funniest part is they know but dont even care. they don't do productions and burners like the east coast kids, but you gotta give them props on all that reckless bombing.
  9. I'm really trying to find something negitive to say about this thread...
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