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  1. optimo

    Wash DC

    . LOL those girls are gross dude..
  2. optimo

    Wash DC

    have you done transit? didnt think so. you have no room to talk. k thx bye
  3. get out from under the bridge and bomb. you fags
  4. optimo

    Wash DC

    does anyone even bomb anymore
  5. did you happen to catch what was on the other side of this?
  6. optimo

    Wash DC

    this guy should quit graffiti, hes not a bomber and his piecing skills are lacking , and he went over lyes. I dont even wanna see what happened to that colt 45
  7. Anyone stupid enough to A. hit transit with their real name and B. let those files get online deserves everything they get.........What kind of clowns are writing graff these days??
  8. http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00309196f00000082.jpg'> Anything on the other panel......other side.. or same line?
  9. optimo

    mostly va

    Speaking of rats.. ***ok bro, you just bought yourself a one way ticket to the resurection. dont fucking post peoples names, photos, and anything else that blows up their spot. i dont give a shit if you think they're a rat, or that they raped your uncle, handle it in the street or dont even talk about it. ya heard ** seeks
  10. That was labor day weekend I believe, that sunday. Not 100%. I caught that at an unfamiliar spot, but based on the type of cargo and the company who's cargo is being transported I think it might get stuck on a rotation. Most of those type freights, from what I've seen, do. Where about's in the mid west were you?
  11. I think you are passing me off as another 12oz clown. Now granted, I'm not the best artist in the world..(You over me on the redline, and I let yours run out of respect) but that doesn't mean I'm some idiot speaking with no experience to this stuff.
  12. Nice flicks man...........all burning. :lol: ^^
  13. Hmmm.. the internet is funny. You don't know who I am, and the possibilities are endless. I'd rather not discuss American transit on the internet.. I beg to differ about Euro being easier than American.. Haven't you seen any European graffiti movies? In Dirty Hands they do cleans during the day, and even catch tags on trains while they are stopped in a station. If you tryed to pull that shit in ANY city in America, you could count on over 150 law enforcement officers from at least 3 different agencies swarming into that station, and at least 400 others sealing off the rest of the stations within a 10 mile radius. And that's a fact. P.S. I wasn't ever trying to hate, debate, or criticize Europe. I was simply trying to explain why American freight guys hate on European clean guys. Instead of trying to criticize my thoughts, experience, etc. why don't you give YOUR thoughts on why you think Euro shit is rougher.
  14. I hear people talking about freight train graffiti being the last graffiti movement on a daily basis. In 1982, in New York, no one ever thought that subway trains would be as clean as they are now. I took this into consideration, and thought to myself " Freights will eventually not run, and people will stop hitting them, even though in some areas, they are completley safe to do". But then I thought, "graffiti won't just die, now will it?"... Then, a month or two later, I saw a few tags on an 18 wheeler, and it hit me. The next graff movement is going to be trucks, 18 wheelers that roll down the highway. After discussing this with a friend of mine, I came to the conclusion that the only problem with trucks is that most are owned by small private companies who have time to buff. However, there's a possibility that some will run for years in some cases. Like if the company who owned it didn't care because it was just plain white (like most are), or maybe if the truck was being 'borrowed' by a different company for a while, and didn't have either the resources or money to clean it off (like a railbox). I thought of the advantages also, such as the exposure of highway bombing, but with the mobility of freight trains. In my head, this is just a far fetched fiction story, yet still a slim possibilty. What is your opinion on this? Do you think it could happen? If so when?, and if not, why not? I'm sorry if this is a confusing mess of run on and incomplete sentences or phrases. I just think too much. :idea: :idea:
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