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  1. that sucks you didn't post the vicious that goes with the dizo
  2. just curious is that stae down off first because i think i got that flicked in the same spot.
  3. god to see you guys finally getting some coverage. turbo dog e-mail me at killingyoursteel@yahoo.com, i am planning a trip to nola soon and wanted to try and meet up with ya'll.
  4. take this back to the top for are. hope to be in nola before too long. maybe i'll see you in florida sometime.
  5. sigh rek and lepo take this thread to me
  6. they are all working just try to make the flicks a little bigger.


    the old daze, sigh, felon coal car
  8. hey nomaq, you talk like your a thug, but you kind of remind me of sisquo in that pic you have of yourself on your site.
  9. we must be on the same line because you sure seem to catch alot of my old freights. hopefully some of my newer shit will make it up there to ya'll soon. good flicks too because i just caught all those last week.
  10. oh well it really sucks for painting but theres enough girls to make up for that i guess.
  11. no it is on the west end of the gulf coast.
  12. thats tight, i really don't blame ya'll for not coming down here. i was just hoping to maybe meet up with some heads since i can't find anyone down here doing shit. theres some nice daytime yards here though if you know where to look. if anyone does decide to come who see's this drop me a line on my e-mail. killingyoursteel@yahoo.com
  13. daze and rek killing it.
  14. i was just curious if any of you come to spring break in panama city beach? i am staying down here for a bit and was just curious to meet up with some people.
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