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  1. ^^^^well i guess i'll take back what i said thanks for clarifying...hmm i think i saw u once at that spot where u painted with my nikka junqy and blur....
  2. nah i doubt it im pretty sure theres someone writing ribs in miami b/c there reppin bsk and fs it is most likely base..on another note post some more ribs gak that guy burns
  3. i dont think the ribs from fly id ever painted in miami the ribs that painted in miami looks like base's style i might be him using the name ribs...anyone with more insight should clarify...
  4. ?uestZion

    ANGEL - Spain

    too much flavor....im not a big fan of those styles but this guy has his shyt down to a science
  5. ?uestZion


    jeka is the mam what ever happened to that kat....his style is off the hingeeess
  6. i hate the fucking illegal/legal bullshyt issue everyone should do what fits them best..."do u" thats all folks... n-e-ways those prods are sensational from the concepts to every single detail...keep rockin guys
  7. you cant be serious.^^^ u still need alot of work on those letters... as far as the hand goes i think ur tryn to hard to make it look like a handstyle....but u pretty much got the overall idea...
  8. im pretty sure these guys can give a fuck less what anyone says...every one do what the fuck u feel.
  9. those had to come out the vault good history right there.....
  10. those are some good night shots can i plz have ur camera
  11. big up to all the female rockers.... as long as yall doing what yall love and staying tru to yall selves thats all that matters.... ps. any lonely female writers out there shout me a holler::love: :love:
  12. the 3d one is of the hinges
  13. halve of u fucks cant paint that clean so stop hating
  14. ?uestZion

    this is swek!

    swek is a fresh gangsta!!!!!!!:D grizzille
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