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  1. sorry sorry dude, Im not feelin it it looks like a stiker or something you would put on a old navy t-shirt, To me it looks like things Ive seen a thousand times before....... What I looking for......nope
  2. shut it To all the people who say he wont paint it . Shut the fuk up you toys I was there and sat there and wached him do it.......
  3. IAM IAM IAM IAM IAM Whats up dude ,Its "I am" I dont give a shit what any of those fuckers say I think Its dope.. Most of those shit talkers are Just fukin poin dexers on computers........ Look beside Were it says there name most of them have like fukin 5 to 6 thousand posts. Christ do they ever get out of there house!
  4. I went to this photograff show it was free and they had free beer which was cool, but I was realy dissapointed. All they had were flicks hangin up on the wall every were of the same old traditional graffitti Ive seen a thousand times before.I dont know how much work they put in to it but I think they should of did it a little diffrent..........oh yea it was put on by aerosol warfare.
  5. If you have ever herd of these guy tell what you think of there graff.... How does houston stand compared to other cities??????
  6. Who the fuck are you? Hey, Docter Ponta or what ever the fuck your name is...Yea You sound like a real fucking smart ass...a fucking know it all huh....If you dont like my post then dont say any thing, you probally think you have me figured out along with every other graff writer.you are the kind of people that make this web sight suck......so before you give me your worthless in-put why dont you do some research on you fucking prick.....
  7. HAHAHA OH, about graff yea what the fuck do you think third rail is for................................................................anyway???
  8. oh Do some fucking research then!!!!!!!
  9. what Why the hell would I be a cop if I ask about next in houston, they already know he is there, hes up on almost every fucking building in houston!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Diem........graffitti or just art with a can Personaly, I think not, every things legal
  11. Who are you writing for? Are you writing for your self,people who know nothing about graffitti,or the other graff writers????????
  12. oooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I stiil rack paint but evry time i do i just think about hmuch it would suck geting caught racking in stead of painting But.... I still do it because buying it is not cheap. I dont want to have to tell peaple "Yea, that peice cost me 60 bucks"
  13. nononononononnononoo I can see the santa face,,,,,,,,Graff is what ever the fuk u want it to be....
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