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i dont care

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  1. kegger at yer moms house eveyone's allow to come beer
  2. yea man... i gotta get up at 630 every weekday for skool... that shit sucks! its kinda hard for me to sleep in on the weekends cuz im so used to getting up early... sleeping in is like getting up at 830 for me
  3. yea at least you werent schwackin it... then she'll say sum shit like "arent i enough" ... then ur in the dog house ...
  4. Werd!!! I didnt have a clue it was valentines day either untill i heard some kids talkin about it... shit... i guess that goes to show just how big of a loser i am ... damn... i am a BIG loser... :(
  5. i like old shit... like old wutang and underground shit... fuck nelly, ludicris and fabolus and all that new shit thats out they all suck
  6. i say "bitch where the fuck my money at!!!" the chicks love it ---- da pimp master
  7. 20 questions (well not quite 20).... WHO AM I i have a big fro in more places than one my arm pits and legs have more hair than the top of my head i have siblings i am bigger than a bread box i smell like shit i just farted i am masturbating as i write this i have sex with anything that has legs and i farted again who am i CORRECT!!! YOU GUESSED IT I AM YOUR MOM oh no he didnt... he did!.. i had too
  8. i had to work ... just about the gayest thing u could do on a saturday night... but i dont have a life anyway
  9. why tha fuck would you wanna a tatoo of a star
  10. i heard them things stink 10 times worse than regular farts.... i never witnessed it first hand ... its just what i heard
  11. ummm i didnt bother reading the thread cuz its too long and im too lazy... but i hate limp bizkit... isnt there a line in one of there songs saying "keep a spraycan for da taggin" or some shit like that... my friend told me about that... man limp's a bunch of posors
  12. dogs sick... but cat mmmmmhhhmmmm ...
  13. hahahhahahah... i cant stop laughing
  14. haha... the im a lesbian vote count is 2nd... haha
  15. yo that bitches ass is fat as fuck.... and her mommas got bigass tits holy shit... i would fuck both of them in a second.... goood post
  16. hahahhahahahhahahahhahahaha.... damn... what a great post
  17. ur all wrong... cereal is poop... eggos are tha shit.... LEGGO MY EGGO
  18. only like 30... i keep it to a minimum
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