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  1. XMartyrX


    I'm thinking about road racing next season for the first time and if I rocked just a straight steel frame would that put me at a significant disadvantage right off the bat? Anybody have any thoughts on those steel/carbon Lemond whips? I'll take any advice.
  2. I recieved an honorable mention for a poster I designed in the Siggraph SPACE poster contest last year. I didn't get a chance to go to the show, but my friend who went said it was insane.
  3. current playlist: Chain of Strength In My Eyes Comeback kid almost everything bridge 9 puts out Give up the Ghost formerly American Nightmare Rain on the Parade Subject To Change Strongpoint Birthright Culture Morning Again Disembodied Good Clean Fun!! shameless plug of my own xHCx band Time To Believe
  4. the interesting thing about mtv is the extent in which they go to market to a specific demographic. Basically, they find what "underground" thing is cool, build it up, market it back to young people and eventually destroy it, then move on to the next "trend." Its alot more involved then some might think, and if you boycott mtv be prepared to boycott, Comedy Central, TVLAND, Nickalodeon and a few other stations which I can't remember. All of which are owned by Viacom. All of which use the same marketing techniques. Just watch them...you can tell the similarities...PBS's Frontline had a very interesting program on all of this, if you can find it I suggest watching it. Okay I'm over with. MTV is one giant infomercial anyways. buck buck
  5. To change the size of an image to match the two up.. you can simply use the transform option. Ctrl + T is the shortcut Apple + T is for mac. you can resize the image accordingly. To make clipping paths you use the pen tool like the other person said and then create a path. this will show up under your paths tab. You can also try the marquee tool and trace around the object. A hint with this to make the two images blend is before you cut the person out go up and find "feather" feather the image to like 2 or 3 and this will soften the edges. The gaussian blur tool. helps too... gtg
  6. I guess I'll add my list of HC bands. Hope Conspiracy Morning Again Culture Birthright 18 Visions Throwdown Bleeding Through In My Eyes Ten Yard Fight all edge, mostly metal with a dash of youth crew...all fucking core. gotta love it.
  7. SBG is kinda like screamo stuff. In the vein of stuff like hopesfall and shit like that...even Poison the well. I personally know the girlscouts so I constantly give them shit about them sucking, but the kids do know how to play their instruments and it keeps me bringing the mosh so its all good.
  8. trustkill fucking rocks. a shit ton of really good bands and really good people heading it up. Eulogy is another good one.
  9. Just last night after I got home from work at 10:30p.m. I told my brother and our two friends there, that we needed to go sledding! Its the best part about the damn snow. But of course we don't have any sleds, so I go into the attic and find some old ass pan with little handles on the end. Its just big enough to sit in, almost like a little red wagon but smaller. I then find a cord that has clips on each end to attach one end to the pan and the other to the back of my friends pick up truck. The streets weren't plowed yet, so off we go hauling ass behind the truck in the middle of the night. I have to buy a normal sled cause it makes it even more fun, that and being 20 years old, sitting in a pan in the middle of the night being towed by a truck. Classic.
  10. XMartyrX


    The IRON Chef rocks! Coming in a close second would be the Naked Chef. But Iron Chef is definately a wild time.
  11. Hahaha my friend Kristal just said something about them being on there. She said they are "emo boy" music and that the reason why everyone likes them is cause the lead singer is kinda cute. I've never seen these guys or heard them play. But the way everyone swing off their nutts I'm sure they suck.
  12. Is that the one where he's freaking out cause he can't do anything good and then he starts throwing tennis balls at the wall with paint on them?
  13. That is seriously jacked up.
  14. I've seen that show once, I think one of the first times it was on...it had Chad Muska on it. It was so ridiculous, they were all "skateboardings not a crime!" I laughed my ass off.
  15. I rode no brakes for a long ass time. Mainly due to the fact I couldn't get my 990s to work, so I said fuck it and took them off. Brakeless is gnarly, I love it except wearing out your shoes. Plus I like doing tire stalls. Extremely hard without brakes. Now I have Evolvers.....those are the shit, easy to set up and hold good.
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