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  1. hush

    getting bad head

    your allergic to her lipstick
  2. hush

    numbers for 2002...

    im gonna get 100 this year...woo minimum that is, i already gots 2! haha
  3. hush

    How much too much?

    heh, im sure your local company is too busy trying to hump cars and get them places, rather than looking out for graffiti, Im sure some yards do, but if it was me blowing up shit is heat, depends on the yard I guess...
  4. yeah one time me and my buddy painted this sidewalk, for the shits of it, and i saw 2 little girls and there parents stop and take pictures of it, I do not know why, it was ugly as shit!
  5. hush

    NY-Bronx Wall

    hah, thats dope, btw i think that old man, is actually an old man? oh well dope shit, i usually dont like big peices, but that one is definetley one to put on disk!
  6. go paint the building for sure, haha that would be so funny, tag like 20 tags all over the doors and shit
  7. hush


    man you should make a comic book or something, btw i wanna trade stickers or some shit, i love yours, muahaha woo!
  8. hush


    that dino is so happy, it puts a tear in my eye...*sniff sniff*
  9. yeah that LN engine with the messed up cab is dope, makes me wanna drive em
  10. fuck burning one down, lets blow the fuckers up with propane tanks and m-80's, peices of shit college boys, i wanna shit on any prissy fag fucks head. queer baits.
  11. mark montoya bindings, hehe i partied with montoya in whistler eH! but i got so far- a mask for painting from my gf, cky landspeed, cky2k, cky3 from my gf, a certificate to get my labret peirced from my gf, and i get to buy paint with with my gf's money when i get my labret peirced...and tommorow im gonna be getting some etnies shirts, some see dee's and some ma fuckin cizash, werd..peace
  12. cuz yo grandma licked my ass and i didnt cum....YUM!
  13. kinda like your mom hey lucifer? *licks his lips*
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