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  1. damn, tough choice but i see it like this. take the cans. become some local big time artist. catch the eye of advertising exc. looking for a more "urban" look/feel for their product or commercial. make lots of cash, get lots of girls, fuck them all - you are now famous - keep getting cash form more companies trying to get that "urban" feel. you're in the clear. paint and bitches! right?!? but then again, i maybe streching this thread a bit, but hey - confidence, creativity, ambition - these are the three things you must conquer to ... blah i am now tired of bullshiting... couldn't think of what else to say! lol! but yea, fuck the cans. i suck anyways. i'd take the female anyday! -grand.
  2. oh and about the site, i def. want to bring it back up, but the only thing holdin me back right now is my own personel laziness (and a scanner to process all the hundredds and hundreds of new flix)... in due time. in due time.
  3. yea, that was me mr c, and that was def. the last time i use buff to fill! - it was hard as hell to control. oh well, came off wack as usual - fuck it... lates
  4. just lookin' out for the local internet geeks!!! hehehehe!
  5. somethin to the effect of... "two virgins in one day? yo that shits gotta be against the law or somethin!"
  6. yo, i read the bangbus thread, and i totally dig the site. i've been seeing a new site comming up: www.mikesapartment.com anyways, anyone seen this site ? i heard it's pretty good, but i haven't personally seen it... grand.
  7. looky look: http://www.dictionary.com/search?q=nelly
  8. that one girl sasha... mmm!
  9. i hate history, i had to take it two times in school before i finally passed it....
  10. :idea: very insightful.... great reading.
  11. grand_one


    have you noticed how most (if not all) tv commericals, magazine & newspaper ads, etc, never feature the hispanic culture... it always goes: white, black, asian... whats up with that?!? and if they for some reason do show some latino's it's either Spaniards or Puerto Ricans??? no disprespect, but where are my mexican peoples at?!?! oh, and as for the MTV thing - i totally agree - who gives a fuck....
  12. yea, i do believe they have a flick of this on the paintmyface site.... you know the addy right? peesh
  13. Re: xxxxx ... no such thing as a right or a wrong reason for writing, at least thats what i say... but then again, what the fuck do i know...
  14. i have family that lives in a small town in west texas. population 150-200 people. small, boring, really really boring.... at least theres some freights chillen across the street where i stay at...
  15. they're not the same. my boy's know shine, being that he used to live here in the alamo city, anyhow, to put it to bed, not the same pen.... peese. -grandola supreme
  16. clogged caps? what is that?!?! lol!!! http://cloggedcaps.tripod.com peese.
  17. white suburban nerd wannabe??? why on earth would anyone want to be a white suburban nerd? kid, i speak however the fuck i want. seriously, you're judging and you don't even know... first of all, there are no suburbs in san antonio, sorry to disappoint! secondly, i'm hispanic... so quit trying to start beef where you have no basis to prove your point - you just sound like a jackass, a.k.a. yourself...
  18. i understand what you're saying. my question however, was aimed at graffiti writers who write "names" - non political, non "propaganda" based graffiti.
  19. yo cats, like i said before, but i believe was not picked up - i don't really give a fuck what a writer is "supposed" to dress like. i just wanted to pass on this little incident that happened to me. i wasn't serious about getting advice on what to dress like... i guess being sarcastic on the internet isn't that good of an idea since half of you peeps can't pick up on it... peesh......
  20. yo, just a question to all of you cats that say you don't write for "fame" - why bother writing in public spaces/areas - or any spot for that matter where your "art" can be viewed by the public? why not purchase some plywood or a canvas and paint on that? *please, no beef was meant to be originated by this post - just a response... thank-you.
  21. puro brown lation 13 sureño locos... hmm... heres one: don't jump off in the middle of no where... (kinda like that hanson song - or album title?) mmbop... damn...
  22. CREW C cant R read or E even W write
  23. i dress however the fuck i want... i just wanted to pass on this situation that happened to me, cause i was wondering if any of you other cats had got some shit like thrown out at you... anyhow... like i said - it was real funny.
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