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  1. http://www.puregraffiti.com/forum/upload/s...ghlight=blubber bunch of crooks, you should refund her the $25, it's making your company look bad and i sure as hell dont want to order from a bunch of sheisters, not to mention you say she doesnt write graff, like that has any importance to the distribution and promotion she would have done in favor of your product.. sounds like you guys need a new sales rep or manager in charge of sales. let me add that she would win this case. bye.
  2. So 12oz decided to start ANOTHER graffiti store.. Remember when you guys had a store called 7thheaven??? ah, yes... and then you closed it for some ODD reason and RIPPED a bunch of people of? Including me.. $200 dollar order that was never shipped, in which i sent noumerous emails back and forth and you guys told me you would refund my $200 which you never did of course and then the store shut down. and now, yet another 12 oz store. hmmmmmm. are you going to shut this one down too and keep everyones money?? Do you even care that you ripped people off???? probably not huh All I have to say is, no matter how much all of you kids love to dick ride this site, be careful with their store, they might be sending orders now in the beginning just to get some good reviews from people etc.. And please, save all your explanation of why the store closed and all that bullshit because the fact of the matter is that i got ripped of $200 dollars and i will NEVER buy from you guys again, scam another sucker.
  3. moelester, how do you know it was them? or how do you even know who it is? you are talking about fucking up another sites forum, just because they banned you and you are pissed. well excuse me but you have no facts and if you want to go and be gay like these faggots and bomb a forum go ahead, but you know what? I have a name on puregraffiti and they have been bombed by this fucker before 3 times, if you want to know. go there and ask, im not lying. so uh yea why the fuck would they bomb themselves? enough said.
  4. privada

    free web host

    www.puregraffiti.com hosts over 100 quality websites for free, unlimited space, bandwidth, free email acc, ftp login. hosts domains or subs. only if your site is up, running and updated frequently, quality sites only.
  5. ahha first you say this post is for all the guys, the you say oh yea girls can vote too.. my point, this is the stupidest thread ever.
  6. Only someone that is 'jelouse' of their friend because he has a girlfriend now and is ignoring him would start a thread. Seriously, if you have never had someone special in your life you have no clue why someone would actually pick a girl over graffiti. It's pathetic in a way, because you are comparing graffiti to a girl and you cant do that, there is no comparison. No matter how much you LOVE graffiti, getting up etc.. etc.. it is not a real human being - ah, lessons of life you will get there. Actually, some people never see how much having someone love them is worth, even if its right infront of them. But then again there are the workaholics, alchaholics, sexaholics ......... so yea, its only for the few out there but you should not be whinning about how he is devoting his time to this girl rather then graffiti because you cant relate to it so you cant talk about soemthing you have no idea is.
  7. lol its funny how now all of a sudden 2 newly registered names with 6 posts each decide to come to this specific thread and talk shit.. anyone notice that? pistol, quit trying so hard homie - im sick of you.
  8. um are you blind? is this how you treat your customers? YOU out of everyone else, YOU the one who trys to save people from bad bussines, YOU PISTOL. How about you check your mails like I said 3 times already? 'Stop hating' ??? what is that supposed to mean, I sent you MONEY and I want my shit you fucking dick.
  9. yea that looks just about right, in order to survive you are keeping my money and not sending me my shit from um 1 month ago? "IN ORDER TO SURVIVE" - PISSTOL.
  10. really pisstol? I did, CHECK YOUR E-MAIL you son of a bitch, one month is a long time to wait for shit don't you think????? now how about you fucking settle this already instead of ignoring my e-mails.
  11. really? cause I ordered a month ago from FUCKTHEBUFF.COM and didn't get shit.. ?????????? yea homeboy, what kind of bussines are YOU running ? Maybe you should lreply to MY e-mails, or you have no time since you are always on a forum talking shit about PG even though you are in their TOPSITES to leech some traffic for your site. Isn't it sad that you hate them so deeply and yet you are a part of one of their services? can you say dick rider? you called me one and shit, turns out you are the only dick ryder here. By the fucking way, you really cant stand it that there might be people out there that back up PG, thats why you insist on bullshitting that we are all PG staff, Hmmmmmmmm how about i do it just like you and say all the names up there, talking shit, are all a creation of pisstol? you see, everything you say is ALWAYS not backed up by facts, and yet you fucking insist on hallucinating you are right - take a case like this to the courts and who would win??????? FACTS.. oh and yea, im still waiting on my fucking shit i ordered some caps and that gay sticker which i regret... you better not rip me of you fuck.
  12. Arfk whatever the hell your name is, HAHA is what i have to say. I just went to the writers forum on PG like pistol said and I can see why you started a thread on here talking shit.. It's funny how even after they let you know why you are the only person who didnt receive their shit was because you are a moron and wanted them to change the shipping address to a un-confirmed pay pal account, and TOLD YOU THEY CANT AND TOLD YOU WHY AND EXPLAINED TO YOU, your moron ass emails them back telling them to do it and that its not that hard. um, are you stupid? dude no wonder you are the only idiot complaining, like they said and i agree, they are not responsible for retards that dont know how to order! good day and go whine somewere else.
  13. I dont think they suck at all, in fact they are selling their products the cheapest. Some other sites are over charging like crazy for a small thing such as caps, as much as $11 overcharging for someting I can get a phourgenres.com for way cheaper. Plus I ordered from them , and I got my products. IF your going to believe someone when they say they suck or whatever I think that you should order yourself from them first and see becasue there is allot of people out there hating on them and would like to fuck them over. peace
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