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  1. stockpiler

    High tech stuff

    yo..word up.. Good lookin out on the knowledge update. thats on some serious tip, bugged, New World Order is on its way
  2. Does the type.. music influences my writing like anything else.example:a flower, Quasar comic book, any piece of knowledge.you see it influences the mind, all the things ive mentioned, anything can..so its not just writing , its LIFE.The brain....etc. your life. so music influences my writing, as much as anything can. BUT it (anything) can change your purpose for writing.the intent.Most cats are out for fame.Getting up is Essential, to me at least as well as piecing. But what are you trying to convey?ART. Yourself. INFO>Knowledge.It may sound funny to some kiddies on the board, but any man, woman of knowledge and principle knows the science im speaking of. Peace to the Leaders in Life, it Runs Through "OUR" veins. its unexplainable. PROPS TO YOU IF YOU BENEFITIED FROM THIS AOL KEYWORD:NEW WORLD ORDER my life my life my life in the sunshine-Roy Ayers
  3. RIP NACE On the real, my prayers go out.I remember meeting this cat paintin****** bridge. w/ jamz and some other cat.Much props to the info we conversed and the chill factor of this cat. I was mad younger then, its bugged, its on some unbelievable tip. i cant even fathom this loss.my condolences go out to his people and family.I see a nace freight almost everytime i see one runnin or in yards.always brought a smile to my face takin the NE Corridor, even before..I remeber being like 13, seeing at **** **** overpass seeing Nace Jamz peices, the whole wall, its a long ass wall, they were pushin SKA and VR, this was like 8-9 years ago, a true influence since JCUS and ONETWO AKP. Much Respect to all those cats for bringing me up way back in 5th grizade:NACE Jamz RA2B(strength), Shokte Res Moo cm, Devs even MCTWO all those cats for initiating a scene and cultivated a passion injside me before i ever new of down and under and graff mags.all those mayhem cats for continually enchanting walls with Real Graff up to date, them paint rolls are insane(you cats know the deal)on the Unable to be fathom tip->respect and to my oldschool man Pablo Goozmon, what happened to SKY4?all you cats be safe In free spirit ,Eternal respect to Nace.Your works are infinite and passed on to me more than most can know. On the serious Strength Rest in Peace
  4. will the war change graff yeah word i peeped that a minute ago,dope knowledge drop ctrl+alt+del. novus ordo seclorum..on its way but yo..why are gas prices getting cheaper like everyday, i figured it be up more, since we at war , what the deal scrathies on your satellite lens
  5. graff slang yo 5.0 be on these websites on the constant, they can trace a post to the locality and the whole nine yards.keep them clowns guessin, if some new jack comes to the web for graff advice then theyre suckers.let em wonder about how we get down, if them cats want to start let them start like everyone else from over 10 years ago. peace to the vets. www.mp3.com/sketchesofperception check squadron affiliates www.mp3.com/translucend www.mp3.com/rawchildenterprises raw hiphop...free downloads word up
  6. any cats know whats up with that jaone story from rolling stone peace zack morris. good look out
  7. new jersey writers Rime whats the deal. peace HantoS. a-train to canal st. swing left when you exit the station, left at blimpie. boom down and under
  8. ripaone damn that cat who used to bomb with SN? mad props r-i-p
  9. i seen this joint a minute ago, some cat told me to roll here to check it. any body know the science behind it, i remeber it from a few years ago. whats the deal?
  10. this cta from company flow dropped a solo joint, highly bugged beats(raw), but word this cat throws mad graff references throughout the whole album. He got a song called..DEDICATED TO PRAY, you know that old lady from the late 60's, pray/worship god, plus mad other joints , but this is mad dope especially to the graff writer subversive.com or other music, right by st.marks place, across the street from tower records. peace
  11. cost and revs on tv word i remember that on jenny jones, word i called it. COST aND REVS WHOS O.C.? for the wordlife album. just an answering machine with them illin, had an oc track.damn that was a minute ago
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