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  1. Bump for Kapes Nalgas Grandes!
  2. Bump for those Secret and Fuss Flicks :)
  3. Bump for Jel, Zori and Elle.... Alur Siloe NG
  4. In reply..Shes not a writer. Someone posted it as "graff on girls". Retna did the artwork. If you havnt seen his work before look him up. Hes awesome..
  5. Got to love Retna's sexy ladies :love2: yes, but we don't have to quote the photo when it's directly above your post
  6. Hey there..Any way you could email the mac and siloe flicks to contact@siloette.com?? Your images arent showing up for me and I am curious to see what you caught. Id really appreciate it ;)
  7. Thanks. I might just take you up on that. Tell Zori I said whats up. She was so awesome to paint with.
  8. Thanks guys.. Future droid. Thats cool you posted that zori flick! All the shots I took of mine came back washed out. You didnt happen to get a straight on of mine did you?
  9. the bronx minneapolis
  10. Wow, I havnt seen this thread before now. I have been missing out. Thanks for posting those Siloette pictures. Which Mac flick are you looking for? He might have it on his site- http://www.elmac.net If not it might be on mine- http://www.siloette.com Heres a recent character. Nothing too amazing but I hate posting with no pictures. http://www.siloette.com/purple.jpg'>
  11. I tried emailing you but Im not sure that it went through. If its easier you can reach me at- contact@siloette.com
  12. Hey..This is the siloe who knows warn. Not to be confused with the person who started this post. ( that is some bizarre coincidence..creepy even ) Yeah I havnt seen that homey in years. Anyways you have to give me a hint. Tell me where we met and it will all come back to me? http://www.siloette.com
  13. Secret has some good stuff on here. Just go up to search I suppose and type in secret. You will find a bunch of stuff from over the years.
  14. http://www.siloette.com/sullenweb.jpg'> Thanks yost. Heres another one..
  15. Re: i was mis informed ........ Yeah, That was a fun weekend. I dont know why we dont go down there more often. We always have a good time. I never got a picture of that little freeway spot we did. Do you know anyone who might? It wasnt amazing but it would still be nice to have.
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