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  1. damn.. damn i cant belive tek bounced out without sayin peace to a brutha??
  2. im with stimpy and ripple on this one!
  3. nerd and jet rockin it.
  4. damn..that shit is bangin fresh.mad props to wiz and the rest of uw:cool:
  5. DO NOT STARE AT THIS thanks heavy lox! i usually never even post replys but it has ben a while.i would post but i dont have a scanner. i have some nice flix to.ill have to go 2 stillborns crib to scan them..
  6. nice juner ive been?===?alot of his fills,keep on posting
  7. thaT FUME piece is off the meaty racks..same with juner n rukas
  8. kill with sorcekilll with SORCE more flikage!
  9. that must be great having a sponser..that bates piece is fuking ill.
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