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  1. Re: On My Turf Since day one sons. http://www.visualorgasm.com/photos/vi-pk001.jpg'> http://www.visualorgasm.com/photos/pest012.jpg'> http://www.visualorgasm.com/photos/pest011.jpg'> I like calgary pesto better:lick:
  2. stupid white kids with no trains trying to be crips go listen to fiddy cent then goto LA and repeat what you heard then get shot clown
  3. Poiuhgd

    fresh shit

    http://www.visualorgasm.com/photos/jesk004.jpg'> don't bomb trak
  4. its funny cause i messed up and said top of the second post i really meant top of the seventh post so obviously you know me/know of me that was my first freight as i said and the first and last time i wrote the area code i didn't know not to and i actually asked my buddy to throw that on there after seeing him do it not knowing any better so i'll never do that again peace
  5. wow my first freight ever (wack ass one at the top of the second post) thats kinda embarassing but its cool that you caught it up til now i didnt have a flick of it thanks if you dont mind me asking where were these caught
  6. suspinfull isn't a word in 8 mile he says suspenseful
  7. Poiuhgd

    Character Post

    im sorry but i don't think there is any possible way http://www.fatcap.co.uk/host/files/pooooooppp.jpg'>
  8. word up i was just wondering
  9. http://www.fatcap.co.uk/host/files/virs_outline.jpg'> ummmmmm.... what? http://www.visualorgasm.com/photos/virus011.jpg'> http://www.visualorgasm.com/photos/va-virus005.jpg'> http://www.visualorgasm.com/photos/va-virus002.jpg'>
  10. ^^ agreed ^^ w00t? no lens flares?!?!?! shit son work on your letters and learn to count you only got 3hree elements or you could include beatbowing and go with 5ive elements http://www.mtvindia.com/mtv/music/features/boyband/images/5ive.jpg'> :lol: :lol: :lol:
  11. http://pic7.picturetrail.com/VOL188/1012491/1955469/23870454.jpg'> eyesor canada
  12. props fo sho cesty that shit BELONGS on freights keep it up
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