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  1. and another visit to Holland http://members.bellatlantic.net/vze29k9x/public_html/graf/amsprod.jpg'> Jerk, Resk, Freak in Amsterdam 02.02.02 http://members.bellatlantic.net/vze29k9x/public_html/graf/nograff.jpg'> make sure you obey the street signs when your in Amsterdam kids!!!
  2. Bump for Maxima.... I love Holland!!!
  3. check the MD's Finest thread..
  4. svkser

    MD's Finest

    bump for the guy who wanted Jase flix, theres one on here.
  5. A couple of dutch walls we stumbled upon while we were in Holland: http://members.bellatlantic.net/vze29k9x/public_html/graf/ams1.jpg'> http://members.bellatlantic.net/vze29k9x/public_html/graf/ams2.jpg'> http://members.bellatlantic.net/vze29k9x/public_html/graf/ams3.jpg'> http://members.bellatlantic.net/vze29k9x/public_html/graf/ams4.jpg'> http://members.bellatlantic.net/vze29k9x/public_html/graf/ams5.jpg'> And while we were there we had to do one of our own: http://members.bellatlantic.net/vze29k9x/public_html/graf/connl.jpg'> http://members.bellatlantic.net/vze29k9x/public_html/graf/resknl.jpg'> Resk and Con in Utrecht, The Netherlands
  6. Oh my god, the shed bombing is so fucking hillarious. What gave you the idea to start writing graffiti? Damn internet, if it wasnt for it, we wouldnt have kids like you in god knows where trying to write graffiti cuz its gangsta as hell, nahmean. Come on, did you look at the other stuff being posted on here before you put your mess up?????
  7. onaannemelijk one word: onaannemelijk see you this weekend dutchdamage...
  8. word this is the last post I am making in this thread and I will end with this: All is fair in love and war.....and graffiti is both
  9. You people with all these rules about whats the right and wrong way to get fame through graffiti make me sick. Alot of my closest friends are just like you man. If your shit is tight then put it out for people to see. Graffiti is putting your name up and out there by ALL means neccesary (posting, licking stamps, legals, etc.). Wah wah, use your resources. You break the law to do graf to get your name in a prime spot, but doing the same thing legally on the net or in mags makes you weak???? You should do some posting and stamp licking of your own and stop crying about others that do, cuz they got one up on ya cuz. The internet is todays all--world subway if you know what I mean. Its like the 2s and the 5s of the whole fucking world. Paint dat shit, and stop crying cuz everyones beating you to it. And anyway Ges is a dope muthafucka. Even if the only fr8s he has running are posted right here on this board, they are all dope as shit. One burner beats 100 half ass pieces.
  10. You don't call risking your life and getting arrested doing graff self promotion? What the hell are you doing it for then, dont pull that "it's for me" shit either. Graffiti as we know it now is 90% self promotion and 10% self gratification. Posting your own shit on the net is like doing a dope ass burner in the center of a very large city called the world, where everyone can see it, your crazy man. The internet is game jus like anything else, stickers, legal walls, wheat paste posters, whatever... Think about it...
  11. Do you ever get the feeling these guys know something the rest of us dont. Jeezus there stuff is so clean and down right incredible... Bump for 3a..
  12. Yeah, I searched on this before I posted. I see that they dont want to do the organized event. But, I wanted to know if it is legal to paint there any time other than that event. I want to know if it is legal all the time. I wanted to go there some time other than the Paint Louis event. All the posts I have seen were kind of unclear on this.
  13. Is it legal all the time or just during that yearly jam they do??
  14. svkser

    fr8s for that ass

    keep keep keep risin' to the top
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