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  1. hahahah there are so many funny replies, i just think that you should take as it feels....it your really pissed then handle yer bizz, if it doesnt get to you chill, sometimes people just like to go over other catts, do what you feel
  2. yea i would be stoked to hit that train but it is kinda odd to have that train in a chill ass spot, but dont sweat you should be psyched that you saw that ill ono freight there....
  3. choserockin it and that over and cue and cyke is nice, bump the these cats
  4. yah yah, likin the flicks as well as the sketch, illy
  5. cAzer


    that chip is mad ill, as well as the vizie, that whole production is just bangin as is
  6. keenan nilton will always be remembered in all skaters minds, may he rest in peace.....
  7. yo are you italian? just a a question, but that chisme is off the heeezy so sheezy ma neezzy, :crazy:
  8. i definately give west coast daps, but if your smart the east coast is where its at...:D
  9. nope not from jersy but from the freat vA:idea:
  10. you scared to die when you aint livin right? , if you all know that qoute i give you props:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  11. that muse and met is dope, so is the next and type and the merz i like..
  12. haha word up, thats shit is hot, how about that?
  13. illy post, like the learn and the kaput, the story line was ill too, like the hennesee:idea:
  14. that shit is definatly ill, bump:D
  15. bump, ZULU nation in the house....word up
  16. PGism, definatley the illy shit nice nice
  17. cAzer

    Glass Eaters...

    kickin more styles illy on the wayback
  18. word up to mako and the choZZZenone
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