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  1. i like the new shit i have been seeing from ono lately
  2. life pores karma losers.
  3. cAzer

    Ohio Valley

    yo, that sketch is flava
  4. voice fucking killed it.
  5. tuph vato radio goner repae karma sigh skem
  6. cAzer


    this thread is bullshit and always will be, this shit needs to get shut down.
  7. cAzer


    "liked" emphasize the past tense
  8. actually, from what i have gathered. derek has a jet pack, unfortunately the extreme bright light has heated up spots and the po po knows when hes blazin them spots.
  9. damn i aint never heard of them so called "f" boxxes, pretty mysterious
  10. tat silk was nice, esteme is dope rip riot. mpulse
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