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  1. industry


  2. industry

    i need to know TUOO3 or NOUM

    noum is hurt. no originality. Tuo, atleast his stuff looks somewhat original.
  3. industry

    The Advice Thread...

    my advice, dont start.
  4. industry


    i like it, its simple but thought out. Keep working on it. good stuff
  5. industry

    What covers your Black Book covers?

    your just about as gay as hecz is!! haha
  6. industry

    welcome back me!

    im loovin it. jt style
  7. industry

    New throwie style,,, feedback please

    uhhhh ok
  8. industry

    i cant find my thread

    i love you
  9. industry

    -Pen Freestyle-

    i think its hurt, you and like 50,000 other peoples style are the same. Do something original then maybe you will be liked.
  10. industry


    at my work we jsut a got a dmagaed flat or prismacolor markers and i took a shitload of them so i wan to do alot of skcetching. So if ANYONE has a passaround send it to me. http://pics.fotango.com/pictures/0400463668_001P.jpg'> Old stuff^^^ tell me what you think !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND SEND ME YOUR PASSAROUNDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. industry


    man, you bitch too much. Shut the hell up.
  12. industry


    oh in that case, fuck u hecz. just kidding. And to set the record straight I DONT HAVE ANY PASSAROUNDS!!!. im saying send ME passarounds!!!!:rolleyes:
  13. industry


    http://pics.fotango.com/pictures/0400463668_001P.jpg'> HECZ, i only have msn messenger. i_love_jerri@hotmail.com peace
  14. industry

    blackbook works of RUSK2 W.G.F!?!

    what are all you guys talking about. i think its kick ass, especially the handstyle. good stuff rusk, email me:cool:
  15. industry

    The >>Insides<< Thread (London and beyond)...

    sick stuff, insides are by far my fav. good work
  16. industry

    -----BONSAI TREES-----

    Some what true somewhat not. An orange tree for example will grow full wsixe leaves and pretty large oranges. If you want to make the fruit smaller you first have to make the leaves smaller by cutting about 1/4 of the leaf off of the tip of the leaf. Or in early spring you can de-foliate of cut off all the leaves so that the tree wil produce a new set of smaller leaves. and remember I AM THE MASTER OF BONSAI :D :D :D
  17. industry

    -----BONSAI TREES-----

    Is anyone else here into bonsai trees?????????? They are sweet!
  18. industry

    -----BONSAI TREES-----

    JUNIPER Sunlight: filtered, not direct sunlight. Direct sunlight will dry out the foliage and exposed roots if any. Feeding: a neautral mix of a plant fertalzer every 2 weeks periodically will keep your bonsai green as hell and healthy as a mothere fucker. Repotting: Repot pretty much whenever you want if you must. If not repot in spring or summer. Watering: Junipers are ground shrubs and dont get much water. Liek any pine species it it important to let the soil dry out before watering, not bone dry but close. Keep exposed roots and surface roots misted.
  19. industry

    -----BONSAI TREES-----

    Juniper's prefer filtered sunlight. so put up shade netting or something similar to it.
  20. industry

    -----BONSAI TREES-----

    It can effect the budding process on many different species of trees, and you have to use different soil and techniques such as frequent repotting, watering etc. Depending on what species of bonsai you ahve they all react to different connditions. Bonsais dont react well to dramatic changes in climate, therefore keep it on a desk or something. Like i said depending on what species you have you ahve to put them different places. What species do you have? i can help you out.
  21. industry


    i dig
  22. industry

    ahh great another damn passaround!

    yo ill hit up your book, check your email!!!!
  23. industry

    -----BONSAI TREES-----

    who ever here wants to get a bonsai. DONT BUY ONE. read a book ar something and find out how to do it by yourself....it saves lots and lots of money. BONSAI RULES!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D
  24. industry

    -----BONSAI TREES-----

    Coffie Crave your best bet is dont buy one, make your own. When summer comes pick up some nursery stock and trim it and wire it. Bonsai's that are bought are often not cared for and are overpirced. Go with a juniper or a pine species. They dont die easily and you can fool around with them alot.:idea:
  25. industry


    man, try a different shape. instead of a triangle. it all looks the same. good colors though :lick: